Thriller / Suspense

If you love great Thriller/Suspense Fiction and all its subsets, you’re in the right place. This is a REALLY STRONG genre/category for us, so… Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Books are automatically listed alphabetically from our main book table, and the articles ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’, etc., ARE part of the alphabetization at this site.

A Assombração em Hogg Run (Português)
A Bruxa de Gray’s Point (Português)
A Criatura de Rose Valley (Português)
Aldaraia (Español)
Almas Abrasadas (Español)
An American Family
A Shot in the Dark
Atacama (Español)
Atrapavientos (Español)
Banana Republic
Black and White Truth
Blood or Loyalty
Borde del Amanecer (Español)
Brink of Dawn
Brink of Dawn (Italiano)
Broometime Serenade
Confessions of Eden
Covil do Diabo (Português)
Das Ungeheuer des Rose Valley
Day of Judgment
Death by Fugue
Devane’s Reality
Devil’s Dance
Devil’s Day
Devil’s Deal
Devil’s Den
Directive One
Duiwelse Dans (Afrikaans)
Duiwelse Lêplek (Afrikaans)
El Kraken de Cape Madre (Español)
El Susurro de los Muertos (Español)
El Trato del Diablo (Español)
Enemies of the State
Enfold Me
Fluid Shock
Fly by Night
Flüstern der Schlange (Deutsche)
Flüstern der Sidhe (Deutsche)
Flüstern der Toten (Deutsche)
Forgive Me, Alex
Fracture Point
From the Beginning
Galeria (Português)
Galerie (Deutsche)
Galerie (Español)
Galerie (Italiano)
Godsknife: Lineage
Godsknife: Revolt
Gold of the Jaguar
Hammer to Fall
Hear No More
Il Diavolo di Misty Lake (Italiano)
Il Kraken di Cape Madre (Italiano)
Inlet Boys
Intrigue at Sandy Point
I Sussurri dei Morti (Italiano)
Judith’s Blood