LAST UPDATE: June 5, 2018.

The statement – “Quality is Priority #1!” – is not just our slogan; it’s our ironclad commitment to you, our valued readers.

One of the most surefire ways for readers to know that a book is a high-quality, professional product, is to examine the awards it’s won. Of course, awards are difficult to come by due to the broad and fierce competition, so that’s certainly not the only measure of quality. Another would be the average review rating at a retail site such as Amazon. And of course, the final judge of quality is the most important: you! You can sample all of our books at retail sites such as Amazon (via their Look Inside feature) and Smashwords (allows for a certain percentage of the book to be previewed).

We count on the fact that, after reading the first few pages, you’ll be convinced of a book’s quality and want to read more. We then count on the fact that you’ll love it so much, you’ll post a review where you purchased it, indicating as much.

We apply rather strict editorial guidelines to all our books, perhaps tougher than most. You could say we’re a bit old-fashioned in that regard. Yes, every book must have an interesting and cohesive plot, compelling characters, a setting sufficient to support the story, and a satisfying ending. More than that, however, we at Evolved Publishing believe in the power of words to move people. Our editors, working with the authors, attempt to provide prose that not only supports the essential story in a clean, professional manner, but that makes the reading experience more visual, more powerful, more emotionally satisfying.

Has it worked for us so far? You be the judge.


MCA_DH_300x250 Honoree: Dave Lane (aka Lane Diamond), Managing Publisher/Editor
AIABadgeRaisedGold Awesome Indies-Approved Publisher
(Their First Outside Publisher So Honored)
NewNABELogo Al Galasso, Executive Director of NABE, Endorses Evolved Publishing
Publisher of the Year Publisher of the Year 2013 – Library at the End of the Universe (Adult Division)
Publisher of the Year 2013 – Library at the End of the Universe (Youth Division)

BOOK AWARDS WON (Alphabetical by Title):

(Award details and links available by clicking on the cover image.)

All the Tomorrows RF-5-Star
Anyone_600x900 Amazon1Bestseller_300dpi_300x300
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
BroometimeSerenade_600x900 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
CarryMeAway_600x900 Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardRF-5-Star
TheChildrenOfDarkness_600x900 Amazon1Bestseller_300dpi_300x300Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardFeathered Quill Gold Medal - 300dpi - 200x200AI Seal of ExcellenceReaders' Favorite 5-Star Review
Circles_600x900 Amazon1Bestseller_300dpi_300x300Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardUP Authors Award 2013_300dpi_2x3ibdbadge
TheCisternMission_600x900 MCA_Gold_Label
TheDaughterOfTheSeaAndTheSky_600x900 Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardAI Seal of ExcellenceReaders' Favorite FinalistFAPA-Awards Decal-Gold
DesertRice_600x900 Readers' Favorite - Gold MedalKBR Awards5 Star Rating LASR_450x675Gold_Quill_Award
TheDevilMadeMeDoIt_600x900 UP Approved 
DreamWarriors_600x960 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
EmlynAndTheGremlin_600x857 MCA_Gold_Label
EATG_BBQ_Disaster_600x857 MCA_Gold_Label
EATG_MeanOldCat_600x857 MCA_Gold_Label
ForgiveMeAlexV4_600x900 Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardUP ApprovedAIABadgeRaisedGoldCONTEST BADGE SEMI FINALISTRF-5-StarIBD_Award_FMA
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
GalerieV2 Amazon1Bestseller_300dpi_300x300Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardReaders' Favorite Finalist
Girl Enlightened Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
HannahsVoice_600x900 Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardRF-5-Star
HerTwistedPleasures_600x900 HTPAward
Hot Sinatra ArthurEllisAwardsFinalistibdbadgeUP Approved
InTheCompanyOfTheDead Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardRF-5star_300dpi_216x216
Kubrick's Game NIEA WinnerReaders' Favorite - Gold Medal
LightOfReason Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardFeathered Quill Gold Medal - 300dpi - 200x200AIABadgeRaisedGold
NZMammothTroubleV3 MCA_Gold_LabelNZMT_CharacterBuildingCounts_SilverNZMT_ReadersFavoriteGoldNZMT_UpAuthorsAwardWinnerAmazon1Bestseller_300dpi_300x300Eric-Hoffer-Award-Banner_2014AIABadgeRaisedGoldIndie Book of the Day
Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardReaders' Favorite Finalist
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
SecretStormV3 IBDbadgeSS_300dpi_600x600
ShadowSwarm MCA_Gold_Label
ShatterPointV2_600x900 Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardEric Hoffer AwardThe da Vinci Eye AwardReadersFavorite-2015-HonorableMention
TheSilverSphere_600x900 MCA_Gold_LabelWise Bear Award Winner 2013BeverlyHillsBookAwardsNational Indie Excellence Book AwardsOrangeberry Hall of Fame Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardibdbadgeFeathered Quill Gold Medal - 300dpi - 200x200GlobalEbookAwardGoldWise Bear Digital Book AwardsThe 2013 USA Best Book AwardsGold_Award_RFAIABadgeRaisedGoldKBR AwardseLit Book Awards 
The Soulbound Curse Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardRF-5star_300dpi_216x216
The Stuff of Stars Pinnacle Book Achievement AwardFeathered Quill Gold Medal - 300dpi - 200x200AIABadgeRaisedGoldRF-SilverMedal_300dpi_216x216 
ThomasAndTheTigerTurtle_600x857 AIABadgeRaisedGold 
TheUndergroundPrincess_600x960 Readers' Favorite 5-Star ReviewAIABadgeRaisedGoldReadersFavoriteFinalist_216x216 
WantedDeadOrUndead_600x900 CONTEST BADGE 2012 WINNERUSABookNewsgoldFINALISTlogoibdbadgeWINNER: League of Utah Writers – Gold Quill Award 2012
WhispersOfTheDead_600x900 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 
WhiteChalkv2 AI Seal of ExcellenceIndieBookAwards_Finalist_WhiteChalk_Website_432x309 
WindCatcherV3 MCA_Logo_Color_150x150BeverlyHillsBookAwardsReaders' Favorite - Gold MedalAIABadgeRaisedGold_150x150 

And there you have it – most of the awards we’ve won thus far. There are a few others for which we don’t have images/badges, but you get a clear idea here of our commitment to quality. If you’re interested in sampling any of them, just click on the cover image in the left-hand column to go to the product page, where you’ll find links to sites where you can purchase the book. Thank you, and please enjoy these great books.

BOOK AWARDS WON (Rights Returned to Author):

We actually won a good number of awards for books we originally published, but the rights for which we’ve returned to the authors. Since they are no longer part of our active catalog, we’ve not listed their awards on this page, even though we played a big role in the receipt of those awards.