Evolved Publishing Audiobooks
We recognize that many book readers simply struggle to find time to read as much as they would like, but often have time in the car, in the airport or on the bus, or perhaps just while vegging out at night, for an entertaining audiobook. That’s why we offer a broad catalog of audiobooks, one that will continue to grow.

We believe that audiobooks are about more than just a flat, dull reading out loud; they’re about offering a performance, complete with inflection and emotion to make your listening an entertaining experience – thus, HUMAN narrators only, and ZERO AI.

The books below are available (or will soon be available) in Audiobook form, INCLUDING, FOR MANY OF THEM, AT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY. Click a cover to go to the book’s page, and then scroll to the “Audiobook” section to discover a rich audio experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Books are automatically listed alphabetically from our main book table, and the articles ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’, etc., ARE part of the alphabetization at this site.