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4 New Audiobooks to Start 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that we have 4 recent New Release Audiobooks for your listening pleasure. They run a wide range of genre interests, so it’s likely you’ll find at least one you like here (we hope you’ll love all 4, of course). We’ll offer details below, in alphabetical order by title.


(Narrated by Jonathan Waters)

When criminal elements collide, the rules of the jungle will prevail, and those unprepared will pay the highest price.
“A piña colada with rum, bullets, and bloodshed. This Banana Republic should come with a travel advisory.” ~ Jim Hamilton, Author of “The Last Entry”
Richie Makepeace flees to South America after being framed for a double-murder in Miami. He settles in La Vaca, a classic tiny town on the edge of the Colombian jungle, and meets Vicki Freeman, a top fashion model with a thing for “bad boys.” While Richie resists falling for her, she and her rich boyfriend devise a wild, “adventurous” plan that relies on Richie helping them.
Richie does not want to get involved, but with cash running out, he concedes and sets it all up. He should have known it would lead to chaos, backstabbing, and bloodshed.
“Should be taught in Thrillers 101! Taut, twisty, and filled with danger at every turn!” ~ Ty Spencer Vossler, Author of “Deep Mud”



(Narrated by Joe Landry)

After sending Aleron’s monster back to the fourth dimension, the survivors find unexpected friends and a terrifying threat.
After narrowly escaping Aleron’s monster, Tashon is left with a connection to the fourth dimension that grants him new insights and grand visions. What he sees leads to the discovery of two living, intelligent species on Aethera. One believes in pacifism above all else, while the other thinks Aethera belongs to them alone.
Tashon and Abe set out on a journey across the planet in hopes to befriend the violent species, while Smith stays behind to strengthen humanity’s alliance with the pacifists. In the end, the future of Aethera will not be what they imagined.



(Narrated by Geoffrey Boyes)

Wrongly accused of his wife’s murder, and beset by bizarre dreams, Martin finds everyday life almost more than he can bear.
Martin’s wife is dead—murdered—and the authorities have it all wrong when they arrest Martin for the crime. He’s devastated, confused, vulnerable, and lost after being released on bail.
Desperate to reconnect with someone—anyone—he meets and confides in a beautiful redhead. She offers to help him recover from this crisis, but nothing seems to go right.
Beset by bizarre dreams, he crashes deeper and deeper into his living, waking nightmare, until life becomes a razor’s edge upon which he must regain himself.



(Narrated by Robert Rossmann)

Tragedy strikes Lone Oak in the form of a dead girl, and it’s just the beginning.
“For me personally, the balance of horror versus thriller was spot on… a thrilling new crime horror series that I, for one, don’t want to miss out on.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, K.C. Finn (5 STARS)
The peaceful town of Lone Oak has, in fact, always rotted beneath the surface, with tales of blood feuds and bootleggers. Still, it suffers a devastating blow when a young woman is murdered and her body displayed. Sheriff Willow Donahue is out of her depth with a cult on her doorstep, and Special Agent Llewyn Finch is the only one who can help her stop it—if Willow can learn to trust in Llewyn and his unique abilities.
As Llewyn digs into the case, a bizarre message in a dream sends him down an uncertain path. He must sort out fact from fiction before it’s too late.
“With every step I made into the story’s plot, the more the suspense, tension, and thrill intensified. …The Shadow over Lone Oak is a magnificent piece of work.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Keith Mbuya (5 STARS)
“A gripping horror/thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, The Shadow over Lone Oak is a wild rollercoaster of a ride you don’t want to get off.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Pikasho Deka (5 STARS)



Michelle Reagan: A Spy Thriller Series Full of Non-Stop Thrills & Action

Now that the 4th book in this series, SARGON THE THIRD has launched to such critical acclaim (just like the first 3 books), we think it’s time to remind you that this series is ready to take you on a wild thrill-ride!

Need a little extra enticement? Okay. For a short time (through November 21), you can get the first book in the series, CONFESSIONS OF EDEN, for ONLY $0.99 (SAVE $4.00). Just click on the link below for your favorite retailer.

Here’s a little more about CONFESSIONS OF EDEN:

Is “Confessions of Eden” drawn from today’s headlines, or are the headlines drawn from what little is visible of Eden’s footprints?

  • WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – Best Contemporary Fiction
  • WINNER: Literary Titan Book Awards – Gold Medal

“This novel is purpose-driven; it is written for those who enjoy action, but the strength of the characters is one of the irresistible elements of this well-crafted thriller. … Fast-paced and filled with action, it is one of those books you feel compelled to read nonstop.” ~ Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS)

“For fans of crime and espionage, Confessions of Eden comes across as a tour de force in entertainment.” ~ Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS)

Michelle Reagan—code name Eden—is the CIA Special Activities Division’s newest covert action operator, an assassin, who struggles between wanting to succeed in her new profession for herself and her charismatic boss, and the moral quandaries of what she must do to innocent people who are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although she faces seemingly intractable decisions as she executes her missions across the globe, the adversary most difficult to overcome may very well be her own conscience.

Through it all, only one man has ever called her an ‘assassin’ to her face. Someday, if she has her way, she’ll marry him—if she lives that long.




And now, we’ll skip forward to the most recent book in this series.

Here’s a little more about SARGON THE THIRD:

With surprising reach and deadly accuracy, “Sargon the Third” launches terror attacks that kill hundreds across the United States and Europe.

“The action is better than Mission Impossible movies, the thriller element is out of this world, and the character development is incredible.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Rabia Tanveer (5 STARS)

“…an exciting journey from go to Woah! …an enthralling spy thriller that will keep readers turning the pages in anticipation of the next move.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Grant Leishman (5 STARS)

Protected by corrupt government officials, this self-proclaimed king rises to power in the Middle East. To find and stop the shadowy terrorist monarch, the Director of the CIA entrusts the kill order to the Agency’s top covert operations team.

Michelle Reagan—code name Eden—races against the clock to prevent Sargon’s deadliest attack yet. To find him, she must master all the tools of her trade, from spies and surveillances, to propositions and prostitutes. Interrogating bankers and fighting bodyguards stretches Eden past her emotional and physical limits. Overmatched in the fight for her life, Eden is pushed to do something she’d hoped with all her heart she would never be forced to do—point her deadliest weapon at herself.

“…everything a fan of Clancy, Koontz, and Ludlum seeks in a story: the heart-pounding action, the suspense, and the unexpected twists we love in the thriller genre.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Tom Gauthier (5 STARS)




Be sure to check out the entire series at the link below, and please enjoy!



Praise is Piling Up for the “Essence of Ohr” Series

We felt pretty strongly after the release of Warden’s Reign by Parris Sheets that we might have a real winner on our hands. Well, with the release of Children of the Volcano, the second book in the “Essence of Ohr” series, we know it without doubt. The praise and recognition for this series is simply amazing. Let’s take a look at just a few of the remarkable reviews. (By the way, if you click on the cover, you’ll go to that book’s page here at EP, where you will find many easy purchase links.)


WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Winter 2020 – Best Young Adult Fantasy
WINNER: Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2020 – Bronze Medal – Young Adult Fiction-Epic Fantasy

“The world-building is intricate, strange but compelling, drawing fantasy elements into its own cohesive and engaging lore. Secrets of the past become the key to the tyranny of the enemies. The moving trees, or the ramblers, and the gods of the realm known as the Souls add a mythical and fantastical charm to the story. The plot is well-developed, full of dark thrills, adrenaline-pumping moments, and heavy emotions of the characters who have been through so much but courageously strive to survive and win. Kole doesn’t remember his family or his past, giving the young protagonist a fascinating sense of mystery. A flawed, sometimes impatient but determined fighter, it’s easy to empathize with Kole as his guilt is a great burden to him. The antagonist, the Kayetan called Idris, is a frightening and manipulating creature. His dialogue alone is enough to project his malicious nature and the dark desire of his masters. With twists, loss, revenge, and a quest for peace and freedom, Warden’s Reign hits all the right notes not just for YA readers but older fantasy fans as well.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Lit Amri (5 STARS)

“Parris Sheets’ YA epic fantasy, Warden’s Reign, kicks off the ‘Essence of Ohr’ series by drawing readers into a richly imagined world of walking trees, imprisoned gods, and the corruption of dark magic. Kole has a complicated relationship with his mentor, Russé, and camp leader, Goren, which is further aggravated by the discovery that they’ve been keeping secrets from him. These frictions add intrigue while Kole’s proud determination to prove himself introduces an element of excitement as the kayetan stalks the refugees through Solpate Forest. A layered world mythology folds into the gripping plot, and disaster forces the refugees to make a decision that will decide their future. Unique, imaginative, and well-crafted world-building and a plot rife with danger and startling discoveries make for addictive reading.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Caitlin Lyle Farley (5 STARS)

Warden’s Reign is an exciting beginning to what promises to be an action-packed fantasy series. I was reminded a little of The Lord of the Rings story with the forces of good trying to hold back the forces of evil, even though the good guys seem to be greatly outmatched. It’s also set in a world that reminded me of Middle-Earth. There are no hobbits or elves in Parris Sheets’s story, but there are peace-loving humans with vast cultural differences joining together to do battle. On the other side is an evil human playing with the powers of the gods and using them for destructive purposes. Despite my comparison to LOTR, Warden’s Reign is actually very original and extremely imaginative. My favorite element of the story was the giant walking trees called Ramblers. Fans of fast-paced fantasy adventures will enjoy reading Warden’s Reign and the rest of the ‘Essence of Ohr’ series.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Scott Cahan (5 STARS)


WINNER: (Submitted and pending, but we are rightly confident!)

“When people complain about sequels (whether it be in response to movies or books), those complaints are usually correct. But… stop the presses! Children of the Volcano is one of the very few that deserves absolute praise and not a hint of complaint. Yes, we are talking about a writer who has put together a tremendously well-written, action-packed sequel. (Go figure, right?)
…..“As a reader, it’s quite easy to say that the author writes with a passion that is equal to the creator of Potter and other YA series’ that inflame the imagination. It’s no surprise why Parris Sheets has won awards for this series already, and there’s no doubt she will win many more. Her ability to write about things like restoring life to a cursed, embattled horse to the journeys and emotions of vivid characters like Felix, Aterus, Vienna, and so many more, is phenomenal. You not only can ‘feel’ every step that’s taken in this book, you can visualize every moment. Throughout the entirety of the two books written thus far, you feel like you’re watching them play out on the big screen. All that’s left to say is, hopefully, the ‘big screen’ is where the ‘Essence of Ohr’ series ends up. (Are you hearing me, Hollywood?)
…..“It has been stated that Book 3 of this series, Beyond the Flame, will be released in 2022. That’s the good news. Bad news is having to wait until then to once again dive into a YA masterpiece that provides over-the-top, fantastical characters, plots and scenes from beginning to end.” ~ Feathered Quill Book Reviews, Amy Lignor (BRAVO!)

This novel is well-plotted and written in clear and beautiful prose. It is crisp and very descriptive, with images of a world that seems to abide by its unique magical rules and that features all kinds of creatures, including the gods, sorcerers, and beasts. Parris Sheets writes a plot that is labyrinthine and twisty, with surprises stacked along the rollicking adventure. The complexity in character development is one of the traits that kept my eyes focused on the pages. The dialogues are well-crafted and they constitute a powerful ingredient that moves the plot forward. Children of the Volcano is filled with mystery and a beguilingly rich magic system, a dark allure that keeps the narrative tense, and a masterly example of the elements of epic fantasy. ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Jose Cornelio (5 STARS)

I love a good, fast-paced, action-driven plot. Parris Sheets starts Children of the Volcano with a bang, creates action from the first chapter, and hooks for more. The companionship and the partnership between Russé and Kole is the driving force of the story. The two of them work together; they support each other and respect each other. Kole looks up to Russé as a god and mentor, while Russé is exceptionally proud of Kole’s leadership and intelligence. The actual plot is brilliant. The chase to release gods, find them, unite them and save the world is a trope that we have read quite often, but not like this. There is a cinematic quality to the narrative and the way this story is written. It is perfect and incredibly entertaining. I cannot wait to read the next novel in the series. ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Rabia Tanveer (5 STARS)

Coming-of-age in fantasyland can’t be executed any better. This story is well-imagined, cleverly plotted, and written to perfection. I was pulled in by the descriptive opening and from the moment I opened the book, I knew that this author has a unique gift for strong imagery and I was not wrong. Parris Sheets creates strong images in the reader’s mind, from the detailed elements of the setting to well-crafted scenes that are packed with action and enriched by exciting dialogues. The characters are well-developed and fully drawn, and readers will want to follow them through every one of their adventures and predicaments — Leo and his pet, Piper, Felix, Mikal, and others. Children of the Volcano is brimming with action and it is a tale with conflict that is deftly handled. It was hypnotic for me. ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Ruffina Oserio (5 STARS)


And are we excited about the release of Book 3 in the spring of 2022? Yeah… that is a rhetorical question, of course. 🙂 Here’s what you can look forward to:

When old scars open—wounds that never truly healed—can Kole find the courage to stand against the deepest fear he’s ever known?

In Kole’s quest to reunite all six gods, he’s led to a distant city where magic and technology have merged and proven as a combatant against the spread of the Black Wall. Yet the god he seeks lies beyond the border of the black wall of fire encroaching on the continent.

Kole plans to use this new-found technology to aid in his search, but when equipment begins to mysteriously malfunction, he suspects foul play. He must uncover and eliminate the perpetrator if he hopes to save Ohr, but a part of him wants it broken, or he’ll have to face the very entity which left him maimed.




And if we may, let us not just sing the praises of author Parris Sheets, but also of cover illustrator Sam Keiser, whose talent is on display in these remarkable covers. And of course, let us not leave out of the discussion the work of editor Darren Todd, who has helped Parris hone these stories to a fine sheen. This has truly been a team effort, and the end result is a great, great YA Fantasy series for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Author A.K. Kuykendall Introduces IMPERIUM HEIRS


On December 7, 2020, we released a much-anticipated novel by A.K. Kuykendall: Imperium Heirs (Conspirator’s Odyssey – Book 1). Some will call it conspiracy nonsense. Others will call it a brave revelation.

So which is it? Which, indeed. We’ll let you decide.

We launched it initially as an eBook only, but fear not, the paperback is coming before the end of February.

In the meantime, we’ll allow the author himself to introduce you to his story.


Two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq… in the last hundred years, the United States has been involved in over a dozen wars and conflicts, but is there another war that has been hidden from the public—one that continues to this day? Is this potential threat, one the government has consistently denied for well over a century, a war against an extraterrestrial enemy?


“Non-Terrestrial KNOW HOW in atomic energy must be used in perfecting SUPER WEAPONS OF WAR….” ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt


“The many rumors regarding the flying disk became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disk through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff’s office of Chaves County.” ~ Roswell Daily Record


“The first UFO came down in 1941 into the ocean west of San Diego and was retrieved by the Navy. The Navy has held a leadership position in UFO matters ever since. There was another crash in 1946, as well as two other crashes in 1947 besides Roswell.” ~ Dr. Michael Wolf


“We soon established that they were not missiles. But, before we could do any more, the Army, after conferring with foreign officials, ordered the investigation stopped. Foreign scientists flew to Greece for secret talks with me…. A world blanket of secrecy surrounded the UFO question because the authorities were unwilling to admit the existence of a force against which we had no possibility of defense.” ~ Dr. Paul Santorini


“I must insist upon full access to discs recovered…. The Army grabbed one and would not let us have it for cursory examination.” ~ J. Edgar Hoover


“…submit an agreement providing for the peaceful absorption of a celestial race(s) in such a manner that our culture would remain intact with guarantee that their presence not be revealed…. One must consider the fact that mis-identification of these space craft for an intercontinental missile in a re-entry phase of flight could lead to accidental nuclear war with horrible consequences.” ~ Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer


“Germany may have recovered a flying saucer as early as 1939.” ~ General James H. Doolittle


“The day will arrive when the governments of Earth will finally admit we are not alone, that humans have come face-to-face with other life forms from the cosmos. Anyone still on the fence about the existence of UFOs must contend with the testimonies of these respected and honored men.” ~ Clark McClellend


“Regarding the air raid over Los Angeles it was learned by Army G2 that Rear Admiral Anderson… recovered an unidentified airplane off the coast of California… with no bearing on conventional explanation. This Headquarters has come to the determination that the mystery airplanes are in fact not Earthly and, according to secret intelligence sources, they are in all probability of interplanetary origin.” ~ General George C. Marshall


While on official business in Washington, Lieutenant Colonel Dwight Eisenhower was exposed to alien life—four gray alien beings in glass tubes of formaldehyde—in the sub-basement of the U.S. Capital building. He accepted an extremely sensitive mission ordered by both Secretary of State Cordell Hull and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. His mission: broker an iron-clad treaty between the human race and the Cel’jul.

Those who were in the know hailed the treaty Lieutenant Colonel Eisenhower brokered, finalized on Sunday, July 16, 1939, as a tremendous success for all mankind. Eisenhower was collectively, but covertly, praised by every world leader. What we didn’t know was that for over 25 years since their royal craft was shot out of the sky by a human in 1917, the armada of the galactic royal family had consistently and expansively searched our planet for their citizens. The Cel’jul, having somehow discovered that the American government had been in cahoots with the government of Germany, in the days following the downing of their royal craft over western France—the fact of which our government flatly denied when the question was asked by the ‘Greys’ prior to the signing of the treaty—and considering that this same American government insisted that they lead the talks for the human race, outright accused our country of detaining members of the royal family. Thus came our first brush with annihilation, which occurred following this message:

“You have violated the treaty between our two species you yourself initiated. We believe you to have in your possession citizens of the royal galactic alliance. Hear us and hear us well. We will obliterate one of your American cities if you do not release the members of the galactic royal family at once. Our armada has been dispatched and will be in your airspace within the hour. The city we choose to lay waste, our destroyer will hover over.” ~ Commander Gilli’victcill, Galactic Royal Alliance

On February 24, 1942, this threat came over the wire, to which the military forces in all 48 states were immediately placed on red alert. Then Brigadier General Eisenhower, who had multiple command appointments in WWII, was contacted directly by Franklin D. Roosevelt about the imminent threat. Roosevelt ordered Eisenhower to immediately make contact with the galactic alliance. And for the first time since Eisenhower accepted the title of mankind’s spokesman in 1939, President Roosevelt informed him of the highly confidential Intel that brought about this rift in the treaty, which the General had so methodically devised.

“Mr. President, we stand no chance of success against their armada should they act on their threat. It will take some time for me to make contact. Should they encroach on our assets, I strongly advise a heavy bombardment of artillery to stave off the positioning of their weapon.” ~ Brigadier General Eisenhower

As promised, soon thereafter, the attack began. At first, unidentified objects caused a succession of alerts in southern California, and Naval Intelligence swiftly issued a warning, indicating that an attack could be expected within hours. Within moments, witnesses reported a large number of flares and blinking lights in the vicinity of defense plants. A considerable amount of time passed before officials lifted the initial alert, and the tension temporarily relaxed.

Not until early in the morning of February 25, 1942 did renewed activity begin like the menacing swell of a wave. Radars picked up an enormous unidentified target 120 miles west of Los Angeles. Anti-aircraft batteries were contacted and put on Green Alert—ready to fire—a few minutes later. The Army Air Forces kept its pursuit planes on the ground and at the ready as radars tracked the approaching target to within a few miles of the coast. Thereafter, reports of numerous UFO sightings flooded into the information center, even though the mysterious object tracked in from sea seemed to have vanished. Moments later, UFOs were reported near Long Beach, and later a coast artillery colonel spotted two dozen UFOs at 12,000 feet over Los Angeles.

Command issued the order and four batteries of anti-aircraft artillery opened fire. For over an hour, the U.S. military unleashed artillery with such intensity, they’d forgotten that their actions were being carried out over a heavily populated American city, in which the collateral damage could be immense. The firing soon came to an abrupt halt, as the armada was seen moving eastward before vanishing into the darkness of that early morning.

General Eisenhower had indeed made contact and informed the galactic alliance that, to his knowledge, no human of America or the world was in possession of whom they spoke. He reminded them of the treaty agreed to back in 1939, that it was iron-clad and a great thing for both our species. He went on to say that he would use his authority and standing in the U.S. government to assist the galactic alliance in finding whom they sought. He then asked who the members of the royal family were, to which, for the first time, the Greys revealed the identity of whom they sought. General Eisenhower, alone, held this knowledge.

Since that incident on February 24/25, 1942, we teetered on the edge of an all-out war with the Greys, which came to a head at 11:40 PM on Saturday, July 19, 1952 as the Greys’ alien Royal Brigades began their strategic maneuvering around Washington, with their heaviest presence around our U.S. Capital building, where we held the beings. With Eisenhower fresh off the heels of World War II, and having recently thrown his hat into the ring for the presidency in January of 1952, the covert relationship he’d formed with the Cel’jul since 1939 led him to brokering a deal that prevented an all-out assault by the Greys—one for which we (the entire human race) were ill-equipped to fend off. This assault would have begun, according to the Greys’ plans, with the annihilation of Washington, to be followed by their global strike. During negotiations, the Greys’ Royal Brigades kept up their show of force… until the talks concluded on July 27, 1952. It was the last time the Greys displayed that amount of force.


Imperium Heirs (Conspirator’s Odyssey – Book 1)

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