Along the Watchtower

Brink of Dawn

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Brink of Dawn
Chaos Theory
Children of the Volcano
Confessions of Eden
Devil’s Dance
Devil’s Day
Devil’s Deal
Devil’s Den
Directive One
Flirtation on the Hudson
Fly by Night
Fracture Point
Godsknife: Revolt
Invisible by Day
It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
Kubrick’s Game
Leaving the Beach
Living by Ear
Love, Loss, and Lagniappe
Prince of Shadows
Red Death

Scorched Souls

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Scorched Souls
Shatter Point
The Stuff of Stars
The Time That’s Given
The Trace
The Anamnesis
The Underground Princess
The Witch of Gray’s Point
They Tell Me You Are Brutal
The Beast of Rose Valley
They Tell Me You Are Crooked
The Children of Darkness
They Tell Me You Are Cunning
They Tell Me You Are Wicked
The Clovis Dig
The Colonel and the Bee