The Spinner’s Web

Everything that has happened, is happening, will happen again.

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

The world, as the Ancients of Mu know it, is changing. A new breed of beings called the Rahma are increasing in population, and as their numbers grow, the Ancients diminish.

The Empire is struck hard by a plague during a war between the Rebellion and the Royal Council. Amidst the crisis, a young royal, Cruentus Fate is sold to a brothel in a play for power. Fate must decide which faction to join—the Rebellion, with her beloved madam, or the Council with its influence and power. She keeps her heart open and her mind alert, hoping to learn the truth of her existence and the mysterious way she and her brother became part of the royal family.

Aided by her sisters in the brothel, she sets her sights on the unstable neighboring prince as a means of her escape. Her discoveries open her eyes to another realm, and lead her to the truth about the web of lies that holds her captive.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: This marks the NEW beginning of the epic series "Grims' Truth," for which the current publishing plan calls for 60+ books. Wow! The Spinner’s Web is Book 1 (new edition replacing the original, titled Rota Fortunae), so... stay tuned, because more is already out there, and more is coming real soon. In the meantime, join the "Grims' Truth" adventure today!

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COMING SOON: Watch for the unabridged audiobook to release in the not-too-distant future.



PRINT BOOK INFO (New Edition / New Title)

Perfect Bound / Softcover:

ISBN: 1622538773
ISBN-13: 978-1-62253-877-5
6.14 x 9.21 x 0.xxxx ( Lbs) — Coming Soon
xxx Pages (xx/carton) — Coming Soon
List Price: $xx.xx — Coming Soon


Isu Yin & Fae Yang – Authors
Lane Diamond – Editor & Interior Designer
Cindy Fan – Cover Artist

Series: Grims' Truth, Book 1.1
Genres: 3.99 eBooks, Fantasy, Visionary / Metaphysical
Tags: eBook, New Release, Paperback
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2017 (v1) and 2020 (v2)
Format: Paperback, eBook, Audiobook
Length: xxx,xxx Words (Coming Soon)
Narrator: Coming Soon
ISBN: 9781622538775
List Price: Paperback Coming Soon
eBook Price: $3.99
Audiobook Price: Audiobook Coming Soon

NOTE: For the original first edition, titled Rota Fortunae.

Rota Fortunae (Grim’s Truth) is among the best written, most imaginative, and intricately plotted fantasy stories I’ve had the pleasure to read since The Lord of the Rings. But, where that epic tale relied heavily on war, familiar mythological themes and creatures, and the overarching world dominating power of an evil, supernatural being, Rota Fortunae is a character driven story, supported by a covert revolution, ingenious metaphysical attributes and events, and an imaginary world complete with a new language, concepts of universal laws, and a wonderfully orchestrated villain.”

– Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

NOTE: For the original first edition, titled Rota Fortunae.

“When I first started the book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It started off slow, the mystery building with each informational chapter while making you question what is actually going on. You can tell it’s going to be a big story with a lot of information. The characters are enjoyable, each with their own unique (non-stereotypical) personalities, which brings you into the mood and tone of the story. It’s easy to get immersed in their world and enjoy things for what they are. Highly recommend this book. It is written in an interesting way that makes you think and become highly involved with the characters. Haven’t read anything this thought provoking in a long time.”

– Persephone
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