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Cindy Fan

…Putting a Beautiful, Compelling
Face on Authors’ Work…

I’m a Canadian artist who graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design with a Bachelors in Illustration, and I’ve since worked freelance.

I specialize in bringing stories to life with thoughtful, painterly visuals. My work combines analog textures with digital painting to create stylized imagery that is whimsical and immersive. I love solving visual challenges and exploring new ideas.

When I’m not drawing, I spend my time hiking and writing poetry.

Featured Books with Covers
Designed by Cindy Fan


Visionary & Metaphysical /
Sci-Fi Space Opera

This Foreign Universe –
Book 4 (Arc 2, Book 1)

A twisting journey through the fourth dimension leads Tashon through perils and wonders to a place he never thought he’d see again.

Something cries for help from across the universe. With Aethera settled into its two new nations, Tashon sets out across the fourth dimension to find the source of the plea and, if he can, help it.

Back on Earth, an attack has killed nearly all of the planet’s vegetation. The Gaines family struggles to find their way as their planet slowly dies, doing their best to survive as everything crumbles around them.

A bizarre and beautiful journey unfolds in two dimensions, one that examines what it means to be human, whether in a physical state or not.


Epic Fantasy /
Visionary & Metaphysical

Grims’ Truth – Book 1
(of 60 Planned)

Who is responsible for spinning this web of lies beneath the surface of all we see? Are the ancient immortals responsible, or is it the new breed of mortal beings that, as their population grows, threatens the very existence of the immortals?

Know this: everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen again.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Summer 2018 –
Best Fantasy
(As 1st Ed. Title: Rota Fortunae)
Feathered Quill
Book Awards 2021:
A) Gold Medal – Sci/Fi & Fantasy
B) Bronze Medal – Adult Fiction
C) Finalist – Debut Author


Fantasy /
Literary Fiction /
Magical Realism /

When Burt is surprised by a magical guide, and says he wants to become a hero in a fantasy realm, he discovers a more complex world than he’d expected.

Feathered Quill
Book Award –
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Kirkus Reviews calls it: “A keen and delightful multi-genre tale about a hero grappling with two worlds.”

Feathered Quill Book Awards calls it: “…a delicious and thought-provoking book full of introspective questions and the choices one makes in the moment.”

Astrid Iustulin, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS), says: “I consider The Time That’s Given one of the most inspiring fantasy novels I have ever read.”

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