The Time That’s Given

The Time That’s Given

When Burt is surprised by a magical guide, and says he wants to become a hero in a fantasy realm, he discovers a more complex world than he’d expected.

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Kirkus Reviews calls it: "A keen and delightful multi-genre tale about a hero grappling with two worlds."

Feathered Quill Book Awards calls it: "...a delicious and thought-provoking book full of introspective questions and the choices one makes in the moment."

Burt Higgins’ retirement is not going well. With too much time on his hands, he broods on the state of the world, obsessively following the worst of cable news and the Internet. Increasingly angry at the state of affairs, he nurtures a fantasy that a dark lord from another realm has foisted these problems on humankind. If only he could transport to that world, he'd confront the demon and use the magic found there to defeat the beast and end despair forever.

On a particularly bad news day, Burt learns that, indeed, one must be careful what one asks for.

Astrid Iustulin, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS), says: “I consider The Time That’s Given one of the most inspiring fantasy novels I have ever read.”

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Feathered Quill Book Award –
Finalist: Science Fiction/Fantasy




Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews –
5-Star Review



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David Litwack – Author
Lane Diamond – Editor & Interior Designer
Kris Norris – Cover Artist (New 2nd Edition)
Jon Noto – Audiobook Producer/Narrator

Genres: 4.99 eBooks, Fantasy > General, Literary, Magical Realism, Speculative
Tags: Audiobook, Autographed Paperback, eBook, EP Direct, On Sale, Paperback, Spotify, Superfan Special, Walmart
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback, eBook, Audiobook
Length: 65,939 Words
Narrator: Jon Noto
ISBN: 9798890250650

List Price: $19.95 Paperback (May Be Discounted By Retailer)
eBook Price: $4.99 at Retail, $3.49 Direct from EP
Audiobook Price: $14.95 Audiobook List Price (May Be Adjusted By Retailer)

“Ultimately, the tale excels as a fantasy, with elements like portals and an enchanted sword, and as a drama, with breast-cancer survivor Betty having undergone a biopsy, its results unknown at the narrative’s start. But the author truly shines in more conceptual moments. Burt contemplates a version of the afterlife that is, essentially, a ‘forever dream’ of accumulated, imagination-enhancing memories.

“A keen and delightful multi-genre tale about a hero grappling with two worlds.”

“David Litwack is a master of fantasy in his latest body of work. The premise of time traveling and being transported to a life that could have been may be fantasy at best, but this story is superbly grounded. The progression of descriptive scenery and rich dialogue throughout this read takes his readers by the hand and leads them on a somewhat credible and epic journey. Effortlessly, Litwack guides his pen across the pages and the magic continues to thrive. There is no predictability of what lurks on the next page to come. Rather, Litwack’s intentional command of his pen is true artistic talent. I’ve not had the pleasure of reading any of Mr. Litwack’s previous books, but believe it is time to do so. Well done, Mr. Litwack! I am a fan.”

“I remember when I read ‘The Seekers’ series, I was blown away with David Litwack’s style of writing. So you can imagine my expectations were high when it came to reading this novel. David has blown my mind once again with this new novel. It is original, entertaining, action-packed and exceptionally well-crafted. I loved Burt; he is spunky, brilliant and exceptionally well-developed. I loved the quest, I loved the action, and I loved the journey that the author took me on. I enjoyed every aspect of this story and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store in the future! Absolutely magical!”

“Clever, funny, action-packed and highly observational, the work of author David Litwack is an absolute joy to read. One of the things I enjoyed most about this novel was its realistic feel, even when Burt is transported to a place where he has magic to try to solve the evils of the world he sees before him. There is a personal, psychological journey going on which focuses on isolation and despair with great emotional intelligence, as well as a fantastic fantasy plot that mirrors and mimics traditions of the genre with wit and sharpness. The dialogue, too, is very telling of character, introducing us to a wide variety of personas with unique voices and views. Overall, The Time That’s Given is a wonderful literary fantasy novel with many poignant ideas, embedded in a compelling personal drama that’s hard to break away from.”

The Time That’s Given is an engaging and intelligent read. A journey is the best opportunity to discover something new, and in the present case, Albert’s discovery is more significant than ever. Litwack presents considerations about the foundation of the universe that are more profound than a simplistic conflict between good and evil. He also asks his readers an intriguing question: Which is the real world, the one from which Albert comes or the one where the guide brought him? I like this subtle line between dream and reality, as well as the importance of time, highlighted by the title. Moreover, I have to notice that The Time That’s Given benefits from a wonderful narrative. The author’s way of writing is sensitive and impressive. Even though Albert’s thoughts are minutely described, the story is fast-paced. I consider The Time That’s Given one of the most inspiring fantasy novels I have ever read.”

The Time That’s Given has adventure, intrigue, and self-reflection through relatable characters. Overall, a commendable and thought-provoking tale from David Litwack.”

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