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lanediamond104_300dpi_760x790By Lane Diamond
Managing Publisher/Editor of Evolved Publishing
Editor of Over 180 Published Books, Writing Coach, Author of Forgive Me, Alex
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Those SOB verbs are a real #$%&#$!
The Problem with First-Person Narratives – Beware the I-Bombs!
Show, Don’t Tell – Part 1
Show, Don’t Tell – Part 2
Show, Don’t Tell – Part 3
Infinite-Verb Phrases Give Readers an “Act without an Actor”
Mix Up Your Sentence Structure
Dialogue Tags vs. Action Leads/Inserts – Part 1
Dialogue Tags vs. Action Leads/Inserts – Part 2
Even Minor Characters Are Critical
Characters Must Live and Breathe on the Page
Wordiness Is Not a Style – Part 1
Wordiness Is Not a Style – Part 2
Wordiness Is Not a Style – Part 3
Serial Commas: Should you use them?
When is good grammar required?
No Weak Knees Allowed; Write Strong – Part 1
Build Tension through Structure – Part 1: Introduction
Build Tension through Structure – Part 2: Punctuation, Fragments & Italics
Passive Voice: A Writing Sin – Part 1
Passive Voice: A Writing Sin – Part 2
Passive Voice: A Writing Sin – Part 3
Narration: Who should tell your story?
Does eloquent writing even matter anymore?
The Power of Monologue in Fiction, or “Hey, I Like Talking to My Self”
A Supreme Lazy Word: “Very”
Hark! And beware! I must exclaim!
The Proper Use of the Word “Like”
The Bond Between Reader and Writer: How Long Will the Reader Trust the Author in Any Given Story?
Compelling Characters – Great Books Are All About the People
The Publishing Industry – A Tough Nut to Crack
Favorite Authors
Bio_Pic-Robb_Grindstaff_300dpi_760x869 By Robb Grindstaff
Author of Hannah’s Voice and Carry Me Away
Freelance Editor
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Why are verbs so tense?
Never use an adverb!
That word clutter
Point-of-view (POV), Part 1 of 3
Point-of-view (POV), Part 2 of 3
Point-of-view (POV), Part 3 of 3
Using flashbacks Narrative arc: What the heck is it?
Creating complex fiction
A surprising announcement!
Do you filter your fiction?
Chapter endings
Tic talk Internal vs. external emotion
Pace yourself
Character development
Semicolons Writing in 3-D, Part I: Dialogue
Writing in 3-D, Part II: Description
Writing in 3-D, Part III: Despair
10 Writing Lessons
Handling Criticism
What’s Your Book About

Be Professional: Learn Your Craft

We recommend any of the books below to writers and aspiring authors who seek to hone their craft (or all of them, if you’re felling really ambitious). 🙂
The Elements of Style – Strunk & White (Available at Amazon)
The Elements of Grammar – Margaret D. Shertzer (Available at Amazon)
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers – Renni Browne & Dave King (Available at Amazon)
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft – Stephen King (Available at Amazon)
Make Your Words Work – Gary Provost (Available at Amazon)
Making Shapely Fiction – Jerome Stern (Available at Amazon)
The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers – John Gardner (Available at Amazon)
On Writing Well – William Zinsser (Available at Amazon)
Beginnings, Middles & Ends (Elements of Fiction Writing) – Nancy Kress (Available on Amazon)
Characters & Viewpoint (Elements of Fiction Writing) – Orson Scott Card (Available at Amazon)
Elements of Fiction Writing: Conflict and Suspense – James Scott Bell (Available at Amazon)
Scene & Structure (Elements of Fiction Writing) – Jack M. Bickham (Available at Amazon)
Plot (Elements of Fiction Writing) – Ansen Dibell (Available at Amazon)
Description (Elements of Fiction Writing) – Monica Wood (Available at Amazon)
Setting (Elements of Fiction Writing) – Jack M. Bickham (Available at Amazon)