Two More Years

Two More Years

He said the dreaded words, “I give you two years to live,” and my heart froze in time.

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“Thank you for this most amazing, inspiring book; it is a very treasured read. It made me do a lot of thinking and helped me come to terms with things in my life.” ~ Bernadette Longu, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS)

“This memoir is a precious life lesson for me as it made me realize that a mother’s strength is unimaginable and that my legacy shouldn’t be about the trouble I caused but about the good I could do.” ~ Emma Megan, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS)

Two More Years is just a beautiful and emotional memoir.” ~ Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS)

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I have four young kids. To not see them grow up, start their careers, get married… those thoughts seemed unfathomable. “I’m only in my 30s. You can fix this. Can’t you?” I’d made so many plans.

“No. I’m sorry, Elisa. We can’t.”

My breath evaded me, like I already needed the ventilator—the damn life support. I wouldn’t die in a car crash or some freak accident. Nope. I knew what would kill me; I just didn’t know when it would happen.

The night I met Mike, an infamous bachelor, I couldn’t imagine that years later I’d be battling for my life as he helped raise my four children. Yet, there we were. It was slow at first, but my view on life reverted to something it had been years before. It wasn’t until I started modeling in hospital gowns, fiddling for terminal patients, and taking my kids on outlandish adventures that I discovered how to truly live again. But, despite handling so much with grace and trying to build a legacy for my family, could that reconcile the most devastating of diagnoses?

“Stilson could easily have written another one hundred pages in her memoir, and her readers would have savored every last word. Stilson’s book is thought-provoking, touching, heartfelt and inspiring.” ~ Katie Specht, Feathered Quill Book Reviews

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EC Stilson – Author
Robb Grindstaff – Editor
Kris Norris – Cover Artist
Lane Diamond – Interior Designer
Shayna Armond – Audiobook Producer/Narrator

Genres: 4.99 eBooks, Memoir, Non-Fiction
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Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Paperback, eBook, Audiobook
Length: 68,526 Words
Narrator: Shayna Armond
ASIN: B09Z2ZG269
ISBN: 9781622537815

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“In Two More Years, Stilson shares touching stories depicting herself at her lowest levels of misery and anguish. She truly invites the reader in and bares her soul with each and every memory that she shares. By the end of the book, the readers will feel like they know Stilson personally without ever having actually met her.

While Stilson’s experience in itself is not the only one of its kind, it is her relatability that appeals to people and draws them in. She possesses something that every human being can relate to, and that is the fragility of the human condition. She understands all too well how delicate human existence can be, and how each day is a gift to be treasured.

The level of positivity that Stilson maintains throughout this arduous and often uphill battle is simply amazing. Oftentimes, in everyday life, even when nothing is really wrong, negativity still finds its way in and easily takes over people’s mindsets. In this day and age, it is very easy to take things for granted. With her unwavering positivity, Stilson will undoubtedly teach every reader of her book the valuable lesson of finding joy and gratitude in even the smallest, most mundane moments. She is truly an inspiring human being.

Stilson’s writing flows well, is clearly understood, and is easily relatable. The only complaint to be found with this book is that when the last page was read, I was left wanting more. I wanted more inspiring stories and more adventures from Stilson. Stilson could easily have written another one hundred pages in her memoir, and her readers would have savored every last word.

Quill says: Stilson’s memoir Two More Years is one woman’s emotional tale of overcoming intense adversity as she chronicles her battle with melanoma. Stilson’s book is thought-provoking, touching, heartfelt and inspiring.”

“Two More Years is just a beautiful and emotional memoir. Author Elisa Stilson lets her words guide the reader through her story. From her diagnosis to the hopeful ending, she lays her heart bare for the world to read and take courage from. I loved how even when she received her diagnosis, Elisa wasn’t screaming and angry at the world (although she was rightfully shocked). My heart broke when I read that radiation scene, and I hope she and no one ever has to go through it. She decided to battle on and that she would not be a victim. Her determination, courage, and her hope were all very inspirational. Although a seasoned author, Elisa didn’t use any big words or tried to sound intellectual. She laid down the facts in the simplest of words so that more and more people can understand what she says and take courage. I hope we all find a Mike to be by our side.”

Two More Years by E.C. Stilson is a very powerful, thought provoking book that shows how much we place on ourselves, trying to be perfect and trying to be what society wants us to be instead of just being who God wants us to be. From the first page to the last, the reader will be compelled to keep on reading but then will need time to absorb what they have just read. But they will keep coming back to it.

Two More Years offers courage and hope not only to those who are fighting serious diseases but also to those people who suffer from depression and self-doubt. The author takes the reader on a journey that is filled with tears, laughter, and anger, with people who refuse to accept that life is not always doom and gloom and sad faces. There is such a wonderful way to view the world with joy, love, hope, and freedom to be the best you can be without always having to be something you are not.

E.C. Stilson has given many people in this world the hope and courage to find ways to cope with whatever fate and life throw at them by not giving up or giving in, and always trying to find good in whatever happens, no matter what it is. Life does not always make it easy to find fun and joy, but with a hand in God’s hand and trust and faith in Him, the author shows us that we can. Thank you for this most amazing, inspiring book; it is a very treasured read. It made me do a lot of thinking and helped me come to terms with things in my life.”

Two More Years by EC Stilson is a heart-rending memoir about a strong woman facing a life-changing diagnosis while trying to break the cycle of feeling broken. Several doctors told Elisa Stilson that nothing was wrong with her. But after a few months, an oncologist told her that she would die within two years. At only thirty-seven, she was diagnosed with stage four melanoma. In this memoir, Elisa describes what it’s like to go through radiation, how serious melanoma is, and the internal and physical struggles she had to face. She also tells the reason why she doesn’t believe that Jesus is the son of God and how hard it was for her to deal with other people’s judgment and audacity to take advantage of her condition. But despite those ugly experiences, Elisa was able to discover how to truly live again.

Even though cancer robbed her of many things, including her hair, strength, dignity, and many opportunities to do the things that would make her happy, EC Stilson’s determination to live to see her four kids grow up and to make the most of whatever time she had left is one of the most valuable life lessons one can receive. I’m so grateful for reading this uplifting and poignant memoir. Two More Years by EC Stilson made me aware of the importance of positivity and what price one is truly willing to pay to keep on living. This memoir is a precious life lesson for me as it made me realize that a mother’s strength is unimaginable and that my legacy shouldn’t be about the trouble I caused but about the good I could do.”

“EC Stilson’s cancer memoir is so beautifully written, inspiring, and poignant. The words shine hope into the darkest days.”
– Eileen Wharton, Writer of Crime Novels, Women’s Fiction, and Children’s Books
“EC Stilson’s story might not be unique, but her voice is. If anything, it’s the universality of her struggle that makes her words worth reading. She brings a light and observant deftness to her prose that belies the severity of her survival. When you read Stilson, you learn that existence is a human condition; it’s how we live, how we love, how we laugh, and learn to live within the bedlam we’ve created that gives us our actual humanity.”
– Nick Bruel, Author of the “Bad Kitty” Series
“EC Stilson has been a daily source of inspiration to people of every age and from all walks of life... particularly those facing life’s most difficult challenges.”
– Loree Lough, USA Today Bestselling Author of 140 Award-Winning Books
“EC Stilson has been a source of inspiration to me. Her attitude of gratitude is infectious, and her courage to share her walk with others comes through in every one of her stories.”
– Mark Gabriel, Managing Director and Owner/Principal Investor of G2 Productions
“EC Stilson shares her profoundly uplifting personal journey from the lowest depths of despair and the insurmountable adversity of cancer to the triumph of unconditional love and an unquenchable thirst for life.”
– Joanna Lee Doster, Author of “Tails of Jaxx,” A Children’s Mystery Series
“I have never met EC Stilson in person, but I feel that I know her well enough to feel like she’s a close friend. I have read her stories posted on social media for what seems like years and always find them heartfelt, touching, and sometimes funny. And yes, she’s made me cry on more than one occasion. She’s given me hope that I can overcome my own relatively minor ailments with dignity and a positive outlook.”
– William Vaughn, Author of “The Seldith Chronicles”
“Some of Stilson’s posts have brought me to tears—and this is coming from a fellow writer. She is so brave in the face of pain and the unknown yet manages to be positive and kind. I am rooting for her and hope she lives a good, long life.”
– Marya Ashworth, Author of “The Elven Chronicles”
“I am an avid reader of Stilson’s and feel inspired most of all by her sense of balance with regard to honestly reporting about her difficulties, but at the same time finding moments of joy, love, and gratitude within it all. The camera loves her face, and her readers love her thoughts.”
– Anthony Flacco, Author of “The Last Nightingale” Historical Crime Series
“This woman is flat-out one of the best storytellers I’ve ever seen in real world, unbelievably able to write anything and it all has purpose and poise.”
– Eric Lissy, Professional Percussionist and Musician
“If you like her, you’ll read her. If you read her, you will like her. Why? She’s one of a kind. Yet, she’s a friend to every kind. She feels it before she writes it. And when you read it, you’ll feel it, too.”
– Nolan Furniss, Businessman and Avid Reader
“A beautiful reminder that embracing love and joy can help us rise above whatever pain we’re going through. Every day is a gift, and so is every chapter in this book.”
– Shevi Arnold, Author of “Ride of Your Life”
“Stilson’s journey with cancer has helped so many of us. The ups and the downs, the sorrows and the triumphs, the pain and the relief of her journey—all done with so much equanimity—have helped me put in perspective my own life, my health issues, and my heart-wishes. Peace and love.”
– Dee Ready, Bestselling Author of “A Cat’s Life” and “Prayer Wasn’t Enough”
“EC Stilson’s words bring hope and light into a scary world where cancer tries to eat all that’s good. She inspires us all to live our lives with more love and find the beauty that is all around us.
– SheaLynn Bailey Petersen, Reader and Reviewer
“If anyone would like to know, EC Stilson kicks verbal butt. She could easily wallow in a sea of ‘Why me?’ Instead, she cobbles together a surfboard of happiness and rides whatever life throws at her.”
– Amy Lynn Spitzley, YA Author and Children’s Book Illustrator
“EC Stilson is one of the most brilliant writers I’ve ever encountered, and she writes for you at her most fragile time. Read Two More Years and grow.”
– Bud Connell, Novelist
“I first met EC Stilson when, as a book publisher and editor, she took a leap of faith on one of my novels, The Angels of the Resistance. She worked with me to improve its prologue and its cover. Always the inspiration, she brings out the best in me with but a simple act of defiance against adversity. She rides onward—and so should we all, if even with half the grace she exhibits.”
– David V. Mammina, Award-Winning Author
“I have thoroughly enjoyed EC’s stories, short anecdotes, and readings. She is almost always so positive even when hurting emotionally or physically. She is strong, caring and smart.”
– Barry Phillips, Reader and Reviewer
“EC Stilson is one of the best storytellers I have ever read, and her stories about dealing with cancer are an inspiration to all.”
– Ann Marie Anthony, Publisher and Editor, Island Park News
“I am a regular follower and reader of EC Stilson. Others will speak to her courage and upbeat attitude, sentiments I thoroughly agree with and endorse. However, my greatest admiration is for the way she puts the extra into the ordinary to make it extraordinary, how she puts the reader’s eye to the kaleidoscope of cancer and releases rainbow prisms of hope and wonderment. Most of all, she is just an all-around good guy, whose love for humanity takes her beyond the boundaries of cancer to share her message of positive thinking.”
– Merlene Fawdry, Author of “The Scent of My Mother’s Kiss”
“EC Stilson is a true fighter with a warrior spirit. She leads with compassion and empathy, and allows her vulnerability to exude through her writings.”
– Roy Merritt, Reader and Reviewer
“Stilson’s work matters. Her voice is clear and loud, and she makes an unbelievably difficult situation relatable to those of us who otherwise would be unable to imagine what her journey is like.”
– Beth Fehlbaum, Author of Edgy, Realistic YA fiction, Published by Simon & Schuster
“At each stage of the author’s journey through her battle, there is always a contrast of such terrible circumstances counterpoised with a stunning appreciation of love, optimism, and hope. I am constantly amazed that so many hardships that she confronts are dismissed by the upbeat note on which such difficulties are delicately balanced. The prose is clearly of a literary and thoughtful design. I would highly recommend this powerful narrative as a guide to anyone dealing with adversity—of whatever nature—as a way of seeing the good even in situations that seem the bleakest. Much respect to an eternal powerhouse of positivity.”
– Gareth Stokes, Author of “5 Minutes”
“I hugely admire EC Stilson, and since her cancer struggle, that admiration has gone even higher.”
– Lin Robinson, Freelance Writer and Anthologist
“I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing EC Stilson is. I always look forward to reading everything she has to share.”
– Kelsee Herrera, Reader and Reviewer
“EC Stilson’s writings, brimming with joy, hope, sadness, grief, and love, are brilliant reminders of what’s important in this life. As she battles with cancer, she reminds us of the everyday monotonies taken for granted, the intense value of family and friends, and the subtleties of interactions with those also struggling or oblivious to her struggles. Her shared journey is a beautiful reflection of her desire to heal herself and spark healing in others.”
– Courtney Parker, Narrator and Speech-Language Pathologist
“Once you discover EC Stilson’s writing, you’ll look forward like I do to reading her stories every morning on social media where she chronicles her journey of living with cancer. Despite all the pain and doubts and fears, she manages somehow to find the beauty and love available to all of us who are lucky enough to breathe and savor the mystery of life. Stilson has an indomitable spirit and a voice like an angel, and her words lift my spirits daily as I read about her ongoing quest for meaning as she deals with a deadly disease. Every day she manages to squeeze yet another drop of kindness and love out of her life to share with her readers. And in the process of writing about her life, she reminds us all to search our own lives for love and beauty... for as long as life lasts.”
– Bruce Black, Author of “Writing Yoga” and Editorial Director of The Jewish Writing Project
“Each post Elisa writes starts with a small glimpse into her world: her family, her treatments, her journey. Those small glimpses always expand into breathtaking views of Elisa’s universe, which never fail to make me see my world from new and wonderful angles. She has changed my life by revealing her unimaginable situation with the sheer beauty of her words.”
– Alison DeLuca, Author of “The Night Watchman Express”
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