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S.E. Fanetti


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I’m a native Midwesterner transplanted to Northern California, where I live with my husband, youngest son, and assorted cats.

In my day job, I’m an English professor, so I’ve made books and reading my life. I read widely across most genres and, of course, literary fiction and the classics. Taking the leap to write my own fiction and put it out in the world, though—it took me a long time to work up that courage.

I started publishing my own fiction in the romance genre, because that was where my muse took me, and I still write and publish regularly there, under the name Susan Fanetti, with several popular series of MC romance, contemporary romance, and historical romance. But as a reader, my primary interests have always been science fiction and fantasy. I’m especially a fan of writers like Margaret Atwood, Octavia Butler, Neil Gaiman, N.K. Jemisin, Ursula K. Le Guin, George R.R. Martin, and Neal Stephenson. I’m excited to be writing in the SFF world now, with my first post-apocalyptic novel, Aurora Terminus.

My primary focus in any story I write, whatever genre, is the characters. They drive everything about my stories. I want you to know them as well as they know themselves, to care about them like you care about the real people in your lives, to feel their pain when they struggle, their grief when they mourn, and their joy when they overcome. As a reader, I love books that transport me in just that way, even if they break my heart, and as an author, I want readers to feel that same investment when they read my stories.


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Watch for Aurora Terminus, the first book in the “Sunstorm” series of dystopian, post-apocalyptic adventures, to release in April 2018.

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Kimberly Goebel


I love reading. Books have always been a part of my environment and my life. I taught English Literature for many years and my favorite part was watching students find their voice in writing. I edited at Weekly Reader for about a year prior to taking time off to have children. They are now 7 and 8 years old, writing their own stories, and reading as many books as their mama!

I manage an independent bookstore in Chappaqua, New York called Scattered Books, which is my second home. I travel often with my family, and friends, and always make sure I find the bookstores wherever we go.

“Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.” ~ Henry David Thoreau, “Walden”


Edited or Co-Edited by Kimberly Goebel:

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Edited or Co-Edited by Kimberly Goebel:

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Edwin Peng


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Edwin Peng lives in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska with his beloved Pokémon buddy, Eevee. During the day, he indulges in super-villainy by performing high-power laser research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. At night, his secret identity is that of a literary superhero fighting to make the Young Adult Science Fiction genre less clichéd and more inclusive.

Edwin is the author of the Star City series, which features badass heroines and space aliens who love blueberry pies. The first novel and companion short stories will be released by Evolved Publishing in autumn 2017.


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Watch for the first installments of the Star City series of Young Adult Science Fiction adventures to release in the fall of 2017. We’ll be starting with these 3 short stories:

Emma Smith does her best to ignore all the hoopla about the upcoming Valentine’s Day dance, including her friend’s persistent attempt to get Emma a hot date. She’s focused on what’s important: acing chemistry class, and trying to reach her brother, who’s serving in the Air Force.
Everything changes when Emma, along with most every other human being, witnesses world-changing history.
After decades of interstellar travel, the Ba’ren Exploratory Mission finally arrives at Earth’s solar system. Unlike most of his fellow Ba’ren, juvenile Sepporinen is not eager to learn more about humans. He prefers to work on his apprenticeship in the asteroid mining guild.
When tasked to learn more about human mining operations on Earth, Sepporinen is given a seemingly golden opportunity to clinch guild membership. But he soon finds himself entangled in a mysterious conspiracy—one threatening dire consequences for both Ba’ren and humans.
Ngizzida, a Ba’ren biologist, is eager to help the humans cure osteosarcoma, but first she needs her star student, Sahanish, to accompany her to Earth. Many juvenile biologists are eager to meet humans and discover new life forms, however, and Ngizzida must convince a clique of Ba’ren leaders that Sahanish is the right choice.
When she begins to question the actions taken by her government, especially by Wathanda, their Ambassador to the United States, she worries that the inexperienced juvenile the diplomats are sending to America is a perilous choice.

Isu Yin and Fae Yang


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For as long as we can remember, we have been either plagued or blessed with dreams of the vast universe we call Euphoria. The fascination and devotion we share for these dreams, and all the people inside them, has driven our artistic visions for decades.

We have studied photography, linguistics, graphic art, video editing, traditional art, and literature, all with the intent of sharing this massive story and vision. Though many obstacles may lie ahead, we look forward to embarking on this journey with whomever may find a vested interest in our work.


Author: Isu Yin & Fae Yang

Rota Fortunae

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Rota Fortunae

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Watch for the vast, epic series Grims’ Truth to release October 2, 2017, with the launch of the first book, Rota Fortunae.

Everything that has happened, is happening, will happen again.

Several turns after the disappearance of the High Queen’s successor, rumors of a plague spread across the Empire of Mu. Two parties, the Rebellion and the Council, clash over the strange phenomenon and its source, the Tainted.

Cruentus Fate, a young Royal from the second kingdom of Mu, becomes entangled in the battle for the Capital as she and her brother, Abyssus, seek out the truth about their relationship with the enigmatic Grim. Her life turns upside down when she’s separated from her brother and sold to the brothel by their father, the King of Macellarius. The brothel’s Madam, Fortuna, takes Fate under her wing and broadens her knowledge of the Empire, the war at hand, and the secret behind her existence.

With her new understanding, Fate sets out to restore balance to the Empire, and to recover her brother from their father’s clutches. First, she must rally the support of the unstable prince of the neighboring kingdom.

Around every bend lies another dark secret about the world she lives in, and the more she uncovers, the more entangled she becomes in the web of lies her family has spun.

Author Joe Hefferon Talks about Writing His New Book, “The Last Meridian”

We are pleased to welcome to our blog today Joe Hefferon, the author of the exciting new hardboiled crime/noir mystery novel, The Last Meridian. He speaks a little about his process as a writer, and about what led him to create his fantastic new book.

Many writers are hesitant to talk about process. I’m one of them. We don’t want to overthink the way ideas form; we probably fear we’ll disrupt it. In 1786, Sir Joshua Reynolds told his architecture students to trust their “happy accidents” rather than always rely strictly on plans. Architects are still trained to trust them. The Last Meridian is one of those happy accidents. Sometimes, we get lucky.

I wrote The Last Meridian for much the same reason I write anything. I had to.

I often feel a surge of desire to write and it doesn’t matter what it is. The act feeds the jones. It usually comes after a period of drought and often hits me when it isn’t convenient to sit down and start, but I feel it wanting, pulling on a worn, fat cord dangling from my skull tower to sound that writing bell.

Joan Didion said, “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking.” That makes sense to me. It seems I write to find out what’s poking me. There are emotions, unresolved conflicts and ideas that need air or they get cranky, so I write.

Sometimes it starts out as an overarching concept for a plot but more often it begins as a few lines of dialogue, spoken (aloud mostly) in dialect or accent that suits my mood. If I like the sound of it, I push it. I act it out, bringing in other characters and soon a conversation begins to take place between them, sometimes funny, sometimes not. It’s just that thing needing to be heard like a kid standing at the adult’s table trying to say his piece.

I just watched “Bridge of Spies” with Tom Hanks. The character who struck me was Michael Gor’s KGB officer, Mikhail Gorevoy. The portrayal was a cross between Peter Lorre and Christoph Waltz. I liked the way he moved. I began imitating the voice as I made a snack and wondered just what kind of killer would have such a voice and demeanor. Would he be polite and serve a proper tea before he pulled out the cleaver? Or would he just be the person everyone suspects because he’s so damn strange?

Maybe I’ll write about it and maybe not, but this is how it starts.

I know other writers meticulously devise plot lines but that’s just not my way. I prefer to let characters tell me their stories and ask me to speak for them. I try not to let them down.

I’ve wanted to write something hard-boiled for a long while, as a toast to the old detective flicks I’ve enjoyed. The fast-talking, quick-witted style of the characters has captivated me as long as I can remember.

I started typing. I picked a locale and began to sketch out a vision of a woman driving fast on a highway, someone with either a place to be or needing to be someplace else. I wrote an exchange between a sharp woman and a disinterested detective. I liked the way they played together. People matter more to me than intricate plots. It goes back to Maya Angelou reminding us that we won’t always remember what someone said but we’ll remember how they made us feel.

Things have to be simple when I start. Like design must work in black and white before color is added, good stories have to work at their most primal level. It’s one reason I like old movies—grayscale. The filmmakers couldn’t rely on special effects or sex to make a good picture. First, they had a good story and then they told it well.

I hope I’ve served that concept well.

Nina’s a cool customer, smart and present, but there’s always someone who can push the buttons of a woman like her. For that I had her husband. I knew him. I’d worked with him, drank with him, even acted like him before, but I knew how to get to her.

Once I started thinking about who Nina was and how she got to Los Angeles, questions about my son’s adoption began to crop up in her story. Nina didn’t seem the type to have kids, but that didn’t mean she’d never had one.

How would she feel about him after so many years? What if he needed her?

I knew what she’d do. I just had to figure out how, then determine how it was all going to end. It always does.

Once I put her son in a bad spot I had Nina’s intention. Her bad marriage, pride, fear, gangsters and other external influences became her obstacles.

According to the screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, intention and obstacle are critical. The writing comes after. And now the publishing. I hope you find something to love about The Last Meridian.



The Last Meridian – crossing it was her only choice.

A telegram sets off a chain of events that destroys five lives, throwing Hollywood insider Nina Ferrer’s life into turmoil. The infant boy she gave up for adoption in Chicago sixteen years earlier has been arrested for murder. A plea from the boy’s adoptive mother pushes her to act, but Nina has a big problem—she never told her husband about the boy.

Nina must come to terms with her guilt, while accepting the reality of her fragile life and her cheating husband, who’s embroiled in another deadly plot. As her life unravels, the boy’s fate grows ominous. Set against the backdrop of the Hollywood heyday of the early 1960s, the quick-witted, smart-talking Nina, a designer for the well-heeled of Los Angeles, hires a private detective to uncover the facts about what happened back in Chicago, and save her boy. Maybe… just maybe… he can save her, too.

Or perhaps Nina will have to save herself, the most frightening prospect of all. To do that, she must cross The Last Meridian, the place beyond which life as she knows it will no longer exist.

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