After Vanesa Neuman’s father dies, the closed book of what he and her grandfather were doing during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia falls literally open. From Tel Aviv to the backstreets of Prague, Vanesa’s relentless quest to unravel the mystery of her father’s wartime diary reveals a seventy-year-old secret darker than she could have imagined.

Readers' Favorite Book Reviews says: "A powerful story... with poignant lessons about choices and consequences."

Every family holds to secrets, but some are far darker, reach deeper, and touch a rawer nerve than others.

Vanesa Neuman is the daughter of Holocaust survivors, and her childhood in the cramped intimacy of south Tel Aviv is shadowed by her parents’ unspoken wartime experiences. The past for her was a closed book... until her father passes away and that book falls literally open. Vanesa must now unravel the mystery of the diary she has received—and the strange symbol within—at all costs.

Set against the backdrop of the Nazi occupation and the Jewish Museum of Prague—Adolf Eichmann’s “Museum of an Extinct Race”—Galerie is fast-paced historical fiction in the tradition of Tatiana De Rosnay’s Sarah’s Key. From Jerusalem’s Yad V’Shem Holocaust research center, to the backstreets of Prague, and into the former “paradise ghetto” of Theresienstadt, Vanesa’s journey of understanding will reveal a darker family past than she ever imagined—a secret kept alive for over half a century.

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5 STARS: “Imagine Steven King wrote Schindler’s List”
Amazon Review by Nikki on September 26, 2015:
“Imagine Steven King wrote Schindler’s List. Though it is well accepted that Nazi atrocities were among the most horrible in history, Galerie manages to break away from the accepted treatment of Europe’s darkest hour and explore the horror from an unexpected point of view. In his meticulously well researched novel, Greenberg picks open scabs that other authors have all agreed to let lie. I identified so personally with the heroine that I was sucked in to the story, even though at times I wished I could put the book aside to escape the unraveling mystery and horror.”
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His world is unrecognizable, his journey unimaginable.
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Hi Steven,

Just read your book Galerie and had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Let me try to list the reasons:

Like the heroine of Galerie, I am the daughter of two Holocaust survivors. I am also an Israeli, born and bred in Israel. My Ph.D. was in Psychology and, as such, I was simply blown away by the depth of your sensitivity to the second generation Holocaust experience. The relationship between the young Vanessa (Limor) and her father is so reminiscent of my relationship with my father. With the exception of the name that you gave your heroine (I never heard of a European born Vanessa, let alone an Israeli one), your description of your heroine complex psyche is simply brilliant.

I loved the structure of your book, with the intermingling of at least three voices – the first person story of the husband (I could hear your personal voice vis-à-vis your wife), the third person description of Vanessa’s adventures in Prague, and the first person German voice the Nazis. Again, such a beautiful way to present a complex story from several different perspectives and to keep the reader guessing as to what is really going on.

Finally, I was very impressed with your background research. I have been a volunteer in the Holocaust Memorial Center of Detroit. As such, I am familiar with many aspects of the Holocaust, including the uniqueness of the “Model Ghetto” of Tarazin, the Jewish Library in Prague, and even the museum of Jewish body samples collected by Dr. August Hirt. I am sure that the very last one was an important inspiration for your book. Over the years, I have read many books about the Holocaust, memoirs and fiction. Yours, I believe, is among the very best that I have read.

Also, I simply loved your use of the English language. I am also a published writer and I was very impressed with your skills. I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

I would love to share with you the story of my father during the Holocaust. Perhaps it would inspire you to write another book. Thanks again, Celia.

Dr. Celia Romm Livermore
Professor of Management of Information Systems
Mike Ilitch School of Business
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan, 48202, USA


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(You can sample the audio book here, via link right under the cover.)



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