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D. Robert Pease

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Art and design have been passions of mine longer than I can remember. From doodling with friends on rainy days to a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, to twenty-five years in the industry, I’ve been involved in nearly every aspect of design, including game development, 3-D animation, print, and multimedia design. For the past sixteen years, I’ve owned a website development company, and work with small and large organizations all over the country.

One dream I’ve had since high school was to design book covers, and I’ve been excited to see the boom in small presses like Evolved Publishing, and self-published authors, looking for high-quality professional covers that can stand spine-to-spine with anything New York is publishing. As of April 2014, I look forward to working on not only my own covers for EP, but on covers for some of EP’s other authors, too.

I live in Ohio with my wife and two kids.

Featured Books with Covers
Designed by D. Robert Pease


Literary Fiction /
Magical Realism /
Military Fiction

A tragic warrior lost in two worlds… Which one will he choose?

Readers’ Favorite
Book Award – Bronze Medal –
Fiction Drama
Pinnacle Book
Achievement Award –
Best Literary Fiction
Beverly Hills
Book Awards –
Military Fiction
Book Awards – Fiction

“Fantasy and reality walk hand in hand for a wounded veteran in this poignant story of love, loss, and faith… Litwack’s writing is flawless, as is his ability to mix genres. …Along the Watchtower would be a perfect choice for those in the service or for those who support them, or for anyone who likes a great book that intertwines reality and fantasy.” ~ Clarion Foreword Book Reviews (5 out of 5)


Religious Thriller /
Supernatural Thriller

A Nephilim Thriller –
Book 1

Steven Cabbott is a former spy with a dark past. He’s trying to change, but some habits stick hard. Real hard. For Steven, killing is one of those habits.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award – Best Thriller
Readers’ Favorite Book
Award – Bronze Medal:
Fiction – Supernatural
Next Generation Indie
Book Award – Paranormal

Pick of the Month: Diane Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, September 2018

5 STARS (x3): Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, August 2018


Science Fiction

Panhelion Chronicles – Book 1

An adventure across space and time!

Former Amazon #1 Bestseller in 3 Countries!

“The writing style is crisp, the book is well edited and contains a healthy splash of hard science mixed in with a nice story line (new discoveries, alien aggressors, a military in need of leadership and a bad guy you’ll love to hate)… This offering does not disappoint.” ~ LawBoss


Young Adult Fantasy /
Sword & Sorcery

David Rose – Book 1

Immortality isn’t just about living forever; sometimes, it’s about forever refusing to let things die.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Fall 2019 –
Best Young Adult Fiction

“I loved this book! David Rose is an inspiring but true-to-life hero and a model for young boys as they navigate the twists and turns of early adolescence. Rothman’s writing is powerful and complex, much more so than you’d expect from a typical YA novel. And the story is just plain ol’ fun! Swords, castles, ancient legends, mythology, magic, and centuries-old duels – what more could you want in a YA fantasy novel?” ~ Amira Makansi (5 STARS)

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