Dirt and Stars (Boxed Set 1-3)

Life is full of possibilities—opportunities denied those deemed unfit for life in space. The unintelligent, the diseased, the mentally unstable, and the criminal—all who have been rejected by the Space Service—are condemned to live their lives on dirt, a planet everyone knows but no one mentions.

3 extraordinary books in one boxed set.

From Review by NYT Bestselling Author Kevin J. Anderson (ETERNITY'S MIND):

“DOWN TO DIRT is YA hard science fiction with an attitude, full of technical details as engaging as the characters. I was immediately drawn into the story.”

From Review by NYT Bestselling Author Dayton Ward (STAR TREK: HEADLONG FLIGHT):

Life on Dirt is jam-packed with indelible characters and lush prose that makes you think of such top-tier ‘coming of age’ tales as The Dark Beyond the Stars and The Testament of Jessie Lamb, and the kind of tech-heavy and often biting first-person narrative that might make Andy Weir smile.”

From Review by Author Keith R.A. Candido, Author of Novels in “Star Trek,” “Supernatural,” “Sleepy Hollow,” and More:

“Kevin Killiany’s delightfully immersive writing sucks you right into the characters, their situation, their location, and their lives. A most compelling read.”

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This young adult science fiction adventure is perfect for readers 13 and older.
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BOOK 1: Down to Dirt

Dirt is for losers.

Humankind has stations in space, cities on the moon, and colonies on Mars. In humanity’s shadow lies dirt, prison of the unfit—the sick, insane, or criminal—all desperate to escape. Sixteen-year-old Mara Duval, born and raised on Tombaugh Station, is training for the first mission to Jupiter. But before she can embrace her future, she must confront her family’s failures. Mara must go down to dirt.

BOOK 2: Life on Dirt

Dirt is for rebels.

Seventeen-year-old Mara Duval, born in space, was destined to be part of humanity’s first mission to the moons of Jupiter, until a medical accident left her quarantined on dirt forever. But dirt is not the blighted wasteland she’d been taught it was, and the Space Service is holding humanity’s future hostage behind a wall of lies.

BOOK 3: Rise from Dirt

Dirt is for heroes.

Mara discovered the Space Service’s stranglehold on access to space is built on lies. For this crime, she was “disappeared” without warning. Jael has always known her future lies among the stars, but the contest will be rigged against all minority challengers. Jael’s willing to risk everything to prove the best will always rise from dirt.


Kevin Killiany – Author
Philip A. Lee – Editor
D. Robert Pease – Cover Artist & Interior Designer

Series: Dirt and Stars, Book 3.5
Genres: Box Sets / Omnibus Editions, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Tag: eBook
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2016-2018
Format: eBook
ISBN: 162253378X
List Price: $8.99 eBook Only
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