Death by Fugue

Death by Fugue

Three Grande Dames of the publishing industry join three teen boys in a chaotic romp to solve multiple murders in 2038 Saratoga and New York City.

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In summer 2038, Angie Summers, the best-selling author of sexy Literary Mystery Thrillers, often plays amateur detective. Nothing new about that—Miss Marple, Angela Lansbury, Nancy Drew, Velma Dinkley, and Charlie’s Angels got there first.

Angie drives a Maserati Hydro and wields a secret weapon, NYPD Inspector Rex Caine, who wants to marry her and often extracts her from dangerous situations. When an assassin wounds Rex at Belmont Park, he falls into a coma, awakens with amnesia, and enters a fugue state in which he no longer knows which side he is on.

Angie believes herself left with only her two best friends to help solve a series of murders related to Rex’s plan to capture a group of international drug dealers meeting in Saratoga, NY. She does not reckon on her son, fourteen-year-old Dale, and his two Chinese immigrant friends deciding to take Rex’s place and assist her.

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NOTE (20 June 2024): We hope to contract a narrator for this series soon. Please stay tuned to this page for updates.



Perfect Bound / Softcover:

ISBN: 162253588X
ISBN-13: 978-1-62253-588-0
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Cagey Magee – Author
Lane Diamond – Editor & Interior Designer
Kris Norris – Cover Artist

Series: The Jimmu Files, Book 1
Genres: 4.99 eBooks, Crime, Mystery, Thriller / Suspense, Young Adult
Tags: eBook, New Release, Paperback, Superfan Special
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2024
Format: Paperback, eBook, Audiobook
Length: 94,869 Words
Narrator: Coming Soon
ISBN: 9781622535880
List Price: $xx.xx Paperback List Price (May Be Adjusted By Retailers)
eBook Price: $4.99
Audiobook Price: Audiobook Coming Soon
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