Thriller / Suspense

If you love great Thriller/Suspense Fiction and all its subsets, you’re in the right place. This is a REALLY STRONG genre/category for us, so… Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: Books are automatically listed alphabetically from our main book table, and the articles ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’, etc., ARE part of the alphabetization at this site.

La Strega di Gray’s Point (Italiano)
Life after Death
Lost at Logans Beach
Mandate of Heaven

Maut Ki Siskiyan (Hindi)

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Maut Ki Siskiyan (Hindi)
Memoirs of a Transferable Soul
Negative Space
O Kraken de Cape Madre (Português)
Pardonne-Moi, Alex (Français)
Pedaling West
Perdonami, Alex (Italiano)
Perdóname, Alex (Español)
Playing with Fire
Ponto de Despedaçar (Português)
Red on the Run
Ruiva em Fuga (Português)
Sargon the Third
Scorched Souls
Second Chances – A “Chosen” Short Story
See No More
Shatter Point
Shatter Point (Italiano)
Solomon’s Fortune
Spirit of Warrnambool
Sussurros da Serpente (Português)
Sussurros dos Mortos (Português)
Sussurros dos Sidhe (Português)
Tall Dark Heart
The Beast of Rose Valley
The Cold Room
The Dark of Night
The Devil’s Bane
The Devil of Misty Lake
The Green-Eyed Monster
The Haunt at Hogg Run
The Holocaust Engine
The Kraken of Cape Madre
The Legacy of Rose Valley
The Man
The Pisa Affair
The Possession
The Pyres of Destiny
The Sally Ride Chronicle
The Shadow over Lone Oak
The Smiling Man Conspiracy
The Sons of Darkness
The Temptation of Destiny
The Witch of Gray’s Point
They Tell Me You Are Brutal
They Tell Me You Are Crooked
They Tell Me You Are Cunning
They Tell Me You Are Wicked
True Blue Son
Whispers of the Dead
Whispers of the Serpent
Versions of the Truth
Whispers of the Sidhe
Waking Gods
Wind Catcher
Wind Catcher (Italiano)
Whispers in the Shadows