Godsknife: Lineage

Godsknife: Lineage

His father died saving the world from a power that’s remained hidden until now. Will James unravel the mystery of his father’s lineage in time to stand up to the new fight?

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“Great heart and well written! Cool intro to what seems to be an incredibly violent, thrilling world – nicely done!” ~ Dave de Burgh, Author of the “Mahaelian Chronicle” Series

On the day that changes everything, James wakes up to his usual struggles: school, basketball aspirations, and the reminder of his father’s death in service to his country. An unlikely friend will challenge him, offering a different perspective on the legacy left by those who’ve loved us, but whom we’ve lost. James doesn’t understand how one who loves you could leave you behind, but if the answer is courage, then he doubts he has what it takes to make the same kind of decision.

Yet as a new enemy rises to the surface of their world, he must use the example set by his father, and take full advantage of the life and lineage that his father saved, and he must rise to his own challenge.

Godsknife: Lineage is a short story prequel to the novel, Godsknife: Revolt, set during the events preceding that epic story. It can be read as a stand-alone, or as an introduction to the life and world surrounding one of our beloved survivors in Godsknife: Revolt.

“The start of a wild ride! Did I just witness the beginning of a giant insect apocalypse?” ~ Becky Stephens, Editor and Book Reviewer




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Timothy C. Ward – Author
Lane Diamond – Editor, Interior Designer
Janiel Escueta – Cover Artist

Series: Godsknife, Book 0.1
Genres: 99-Cent eBook Shorts, Fantasy > Dark, Fantasy > Urban, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Short Story, Thriller / Suspense
Tag: eBook
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
Format: eBook
Length: 3,835 Words (Short Story)
ISBN: 9781622539345
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