AlPortrait“Publishing your book is a very important time for authors. Choosing from the many options available today can be quite a difficult chore. There is a new firm out now that has the author’s best interests in mind. They produce quality books, well edited, with eye-catching covers. It is called Evolved Publishing. They offer a variety of services that authors can use and provide some of the largest royalties in the business. Before you decide on a publishing house to work with you on your new book, give Evolved Publishing a call and get some valuable information from their website at You will be glad you did.” ~ Al Galasso, September 19, 2015

Al Galasso Endorses Evolved Publishing

It’s always pleasing for us when someone outside our organization recognizes the quality of our work, and even more so when they are willing to tell the world about it. Such is the case for Al Galasso, Executive Director of NABE (National Association of Book Entrepreneurs), As Director at NABE for over 33 years, Al is a respected industry pro. That makes his words above all the more pleasing to us.

Al’s organization contributes to the industry in a number of ways, including through the highly regarded Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards. We’ve been blessed to win the PBAA on 81 occasions to date (updated 7 September 2023):
1) Fall 2013: Fantasy — The Silver Sphere by Michael Dadich
2) Summer 2014: Fiction — Hannah’s Voice by Robb Grindstaff
3) Summer 2014: Thriller — Forgive Me, Alex by Lane Diamond
4) Fall 2014: Fantasy — The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky by David Litwack
5) Fall 2014: Thriller — Shatter Point by Jeff Altabef
6) Summer 2015: Science Fiction — The Children of Darkness by David Litwack
7) Fall 2015: Children’s Picture Books — Larry the Lonely by Emlyn Chand (Rights Returned to Author)
8) Fall 2015: Historical Fiction — Circles by Ruby Standing Deer
9) Fall 2015: Fiction — Carry Me Away by Robb Grindstaff
10) Fall 2015: Fiction — Galerie by Steven Greenberg
11) Fall 2015: New Age Fiction — Weight of Earth by Stevie Mikayne (Rights Returned to Author)
12) Fall 2015: Paranormal Suspense — Whispers of the Dead by C.L. Roberts-Huth
13) Fall 2015: Thriller — Broometime Serenade by Barry Metcalf
14) Fall 2015: Young Adult — Dream Warriors by D. Robert Pease
15) Winter 2015-2016: Juvenile Fiction — Mike and the Dog-Gone Labradoodle by Emlyn Chand (Rights Returned to Author)
16) Summer 2016: Science Fiction — The Stuff of Stars by David Litwack
17) Fall 2016: Fantasy — In the Company of the Dead by Ciara Ballintyne
18) Fall 2016: Juvenile Fiction — Frendyl Krune and The Blood of the Sun by Kira A. McFadden (Rights Returned to Author)
19) Fall 2016: Paranormal Suspense — Whispers of the Serpent by C.L. Roberts-Huth
20) Fall 2016: Science Fiction — Red Death by Jeff Altabef
21) Fall 2016: Thriller — Red on the Run by K.M. Hodge
22) Winter 2016-2017: Science Fiction — The Light of Reason by David Litwack
23) Summer 2017: Crime Fiction — The Last Meridian by Joe Hefferon (Rights Returned to Author)
24) Summer 2017: Fantasy — The Soulbound Curse by Kira A. McFadden (Rights Returned to Author)
25) Summer 2017: Literary Fiction — The Atheist and the Parrotfish by Richard Barager
26) Summer 2017: Memoir — Girl Enlightened by Megan Morrison (Rights Returned to Author)
27) Summer 2018: Adventure — The Colonel and the Bee by Patrick Canning (Rights Returned to Author)
29, 30, 31) Summer 2018: Fantasy — Grims’s Truth — Books 1-3 of Series by Isu Yin & Fae Yang
32) Summer 2018: Thriller — Devil’s Den by Jeff Altabef
33) Summer 2018: Women’s Fiction — All the Tomorrows by Nillu Nasser
34) Summer 2018: Young Adult — Star City by Edwin Peng (Rights Returned to Author)
35) Summer 2019: Espionage/Spy Thriller — Confessions of Eden by Scott Shinberg
36) Summer 2019: Fantasy Fiction — Born – Against All Odds by Hope Silver (Rights Returned to Author)
37) Summer 2019: Historical Fiction — Soul of the Elephant by Pam Laughlin
38) Summer 2019: Horror Fiction — The Beast of Rose Valley by J.P. Barnett
39) Summer 2019: Literary Fiction — Love, Loss, and Lagniappe by Richard Robbins
40) Summer 2019: Literary Fiction — Moon Path by Steven Greenberg
41) Summer 2019: Medical Thriller — Memoirs of a Transferable Soul by W. Town Andrews
42) Summer 2019: Science Fiction — The Trace by Adelaide Thorne
43) Summer 2019: Thriller Fiction — Eloah (Omnibus) by Lex Allen (Rights Returned to Author)
44) Summer 2019: Women’s Fiction — Between Two Doors by Taya DeVere
45) Fall 2019: Fantasy Fiction — The Time That’s Given by David Litwack
46) Fall 2019: Horror Fiction — The Kraken of Cape Madre by J.P. Barnett
47) Fall 2019: Literary Fiction — The Temptation of Destiny by D.M. Earley
48) Fall 2019: Young Adult Fiction — The Awakening of David Rose by Daryl Rothman
49) Fall 2019: Women’s Fiction — Flirtation on the Hudson by J.F. Collen
50) Winter 2019-2020: Crime Fiction — 10-30 by Michael Golvach
51) Winter 2019-2020: Literary Fiction — Panicles by Richard Robbins
52) Winter 2019-2020: Paranormal Suspense — Whispers of the Sidhe by C.L. Roberts-Huth
53) Winter 2019-2020: Spy Thriller — Directive One by Scott Shinberg
54) Winter 2019-2020: Young Adult Fantasy — Warden’s Reign by Parris Sheets
55) Winter 2019-2020: Young Adult Thriller — Cass and Wat by Cagey Magee
56) Fall 2020: Contemporary Fiction —An American Family by Jackson Baer
57) Fall 2020: Horror Fiction — The Green-Eyed Monster by Mike Robinson
58) Fall 2020: Literary Fiction — Indivisible by Julia Camp
59) Fall 2020: Science Fiction — The Holocaust Engine by David Rike & Stephen Patrick
60) Fall 2020: Science Fantasy Fiction — The Triskelion by Victoria Lehrer
61) Fall 2020: Spy Thriller — Fly by Night by Scott Shinberg
62) Winter 2020-2021: Children’s Interest — Diary of a Traveling Hedgehog by Hope Silver (Rights Returned to Author)
63) Winter 2020-2021: Crime Fiction — Dormir by Michael Golvach
64) Winter 2020-2021: Thriller Fiction — Aldaraia by Burt Clinchandhill
65) Winter 2020-2021: Women’s Fiction — Walk Away West by J.F. Collen
66) Summer 2021: Crime Fiction — A Family Feud Texas Style by Kent Swarts
67) Summer 2021: Literary Fiction — The Clovis Dig by Teri Fink
68) Summer 2021: Religious Fiction — Blood or Loyalty by Adam Miller
69) Summer 2021: Religious Fiction — Trampling in the Land of Woe by William LJ Galaini
70) Summer 2021: Young Adult Fantasy — Children of the Volcano by Parris Sheets
71) Winter 2021-2022: Crime Fiction — Bad by Michael Golvach
72) Winter 2021-2022: Science Fiction Series — Foreign Land by J.S. Sherwood
73) Winter 2021-2022: Thriller Fiction — The Pyres of Destiny by D.M. Earley
74) Spring 2022: Historical Fiction — Pioneer Passage by J.F. Collen
75) Fall 2022: Fantasy Fiction — Beyond the Flame by Parris Sheets
76) Fall 2022: Historical Adventure — Atacama by Burt Clinchandhill
77) Fall 2022: Historical Fiction — We Do What We Must by Richard Robbins
78) Fall 2022: Literary Fiction — Slade by Robb Grindstaff
79) Fall 2022: Science Fiction — Foreign Planet by J.S. Sherwood
80) Fall 2022: Spy Thriller — The Pisa Affair by Kent Swarts
81) Fall 2022: Supernatural Thriller — Playing with Fire by William E. Noland

Those multiple awards are, frankly, the reason Al has been kind enough to endorse Evolved Publishing. The Pinnacle Book Achievement Award is offered seasonally, and each category typically carries only one or two winners — they’re not so easy to win. Thus, we are quite proud of the project teams who helped bring the above books to market.

We hope those won’t be the last Evolved Publishing books to be called Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners, but whatever happens in the future, we will be forever grateful to Al Galasso for taking a few moments to offer his endorsement of our efforts.