The Triskelion

The Triskelion

Royals like Dora d’Arc manage the human herd; they don’t fall in love with rebels like Caellum Nichols that face execution for challenging imperial reign.

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  • WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award - Best Science/Fantasy Fiction
  • BRONZE MEDAL: Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2021 - Visionary Fiction
  • FINALIST: American Book Fest - Best Book Awards 2020 - Visionary Fiction

The Imperial Governor wrestles with worries about dangers that lurk in the Zone of Destruction, demands from his off-world reptilian handler, approaching famine, and the urgency to inject the restless population with docility-inducing nanites.

Dora holds a secret meeting with citizens and weds Rolf Scholtz. Meanwhile, Caellum escapes prison, a van loaded with vials of nanites appears at a local school to inject the children, and a stranger approaches from the ZD.

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Pinnacle Book Achievement Award


Pinnacle Book Achievement Award –
Fall 2020 – Best Science/Fantasy Fiction



American Book Fest – Best Book Awards –
2020 – Finalist: Visionary Fiction



Readers’ Favorite Book Awards –
2021 – Bronze Medal – Fiction – Visionary


PRINT BOOK INFO (New Second Edition):

Perfect Bound / Softcover:

ISBN: 1622533720
ISBN-13: 978-1-62253-372-5
6.14 x 9.21 x 0.7252 (1.104 Lbs)
324 Pages (22/carton)
List Price: $16.95


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Victoria Lehrer – Author
Becky Stephens – Editor
Richard Tran – Cover Artist
Lane Diamond – Interior Designer
Leslie Howard – Audiobook Narrator/Producer

Series: New Earth Chronicles, Book 2
Genres: 5.99 eBooks, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Speculative, Visionary / Metaphysical
Tags: eBook, Paperback
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback, eBook, Audiobook
Length: 100,859 Words
Narrator: Leslie Howard
ASIN: B07VJ772F5
ISBN: 9781622533725

List Price: $16.95 Paperback (May Be Discounted By Retailers)
eBook Price: $5.99
Audiobook Price: Coming Soon

“A romance set in the heart of a complex, political dystopian drama, this is a beautiful game of chess which author Victoria Lehrer plays out in her new society. I love how the storyline and genre elements are totally different to The Augur’s View, but the overall tone and strict new world feels just the same. It’s excellent to have a new central heroine to follow with a strong emotional arc, but there’s also the wider politics of the rebel movement to consider and the connections to old characters we know, as well as powerful new symbols we have yet to understand. Overall, The Triskelion is an accomplished science fiction novel of high literary quality, expanding a fantastically developed new world whilst also providing a new kind of plot for us to follow within it.”

“The tight plotting, clear prose, engaging storytelling and Victoria Lehrer’s creation of characters as well as world-building are impeccable. The Triskelion is as impressive as its predecessor, where the strength of the characterization deftly moves the well-paced plot with a potent blend of sci-fi, suspense, intrigue, and drama. Dora’s determination to save Caellum and do her part for the Sovereign Movement while keeping her role as a royal under the watchful eye of Charles Scholtz is easily rootable and will keep readers on edge. All in all, The Triskelion is a gripping read and a solid continuation for the ‘New Earth Chronicles.’ Fans of the series will truly enjoy this commendable work from Lehrer.”

“Although I did not read the first novel in the series, I had no issue with becoming invested and interested in the characters. The story itself is very captivating; the highs and lows of the plot had me riveted and wanting more. Dora and Caellum were going through some tough times in this novel, but their growth and development were amazing. Dora was not helpless or desperate; Caellum was fearless and ready to fight. They made a very strong couple that makes you want to cheer them on. I loved the story, the characters, and even the villains. There was nothing I would wish for the author to change in the story. It is perfect the way it is! A very interesting and entertaining novel.”

“Victoria Lehrer has created an interesting story with The Triskelion. The book is set in the not so distant future of 2037. The world has been destroyed, but people are trying to rebuild it. The author has included so much detail that I could really picture this futuristic world. There is a lot going on and there is a lot of futuristic tech involved, like nanites, and the plan to inject people was intriguing. I thought the story flowed well, and I enjoyed reading about the characters. I have not read book 1, but I understood what was going on from this book. I liked how the characters interacted with each other, the dialogue was natural and the story kept me turning the pages. I think that this book could fall under science fiction too, although the cover makes it seem like high fantasy. There is a mix of everything in here. I would recommend The Triskelion by Victoria Lehrer. I enjoyed this book and would read the whole series to see what happens.”

The Triskelion represents the second book in the ‘New Earth Chronicles’ and continues a journey through a post-apocalyptic world introduced in The Augur’s View. The story opens in 2037, setting the tone for events with an ‘Arrivals and Departures’ chapter that takes place on an airfield where the royal Dora d’Arc is about to enter married life. Hopefully, the world will change. She’s seen her share of controversy. But married bliss is not to be her lot as aliens conspire to inject the population with docility-inducing nanites; Caellum plots a coup and escapes from jail; and forest dweller Adair creates a sanctuary of replenishment and earth-based approaches to life that city people rarely see, as an alternative to Techno City’s familiar approaches to life.

“These contrasts in lifestyles and approaches run the gamut from pagan earth mothers to aliens and high-tech. They make The Triskelion especially intriguing as Dora and her objectives and changing environment come to life. Relationships are as fluid as the world and introduce complexity beyond the usual cut-and-dried love/hate scenarios, as in the mercurial connection between Dora and Caellum. This brings a delightful complexity to the story, in which shades of gray create ever-changing, absorbing interplays between characters, politics, social evolution, and the world’s uncertain progression.

“Unlike many series titles, no prior familiarity with its predecessor is required in order for newcomers to neatly and quickly absorb the setting, characters, and themes of The Triskelion. Readers who enjoy series titles that operate as both strong stand-alone reads and supportive parts of the series as a whole will especially appreciate the engaging blend of sci-fi, suspense, mystery, romance, in the story of this changing society’s reconnections to the earth.”

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