New Earth Chronicles

When the Solar Flash jolted Earth and spawned storms, most panicked, but a few with jolted genomes spawned their own storms and seized their opportunity.

The current series plan calls for 6 books.

1: THE AUGUR’S VIEW – Those privy to ancient writings, after the Solar Flash jolts Earth in 2034, guard the greatest secret of all—a real game-changer.

2: THE TRISKELION – Royals like Dora d’Arc manage the human herd; they don’t fall in love with rebels like Caellum Nichols that face execution for challenging imperial reign.

3: ON WINGED GOSSAMER – Both Imperial Governor Scholtz and the Sovereignty Movement face a wildcard: a self-proclaimed queen, armed with an unstoppable A.I. and unbeatable warriors.

4: TALL-AH EARTH – Threats on all sides draw starship captain Jack Merrick, and oids from many planets, into battles against forces that threaten the noble experiment on Tall-ah Earth.

5: THE TIMELINE – Past the stargate, Captain Jack Merrick welcomes the sight of beautiful Gaia Earth, but the starship Stella Lumina cruises a gray, bleak world that is anything but welcoming.

6: TRANSFORMATION – Shaken by the spectre of Draco-reptilian claws clutching Lily’s arm, Tinjone’ cries out to help her—too late, as the spaceship’s door has closed with finality behind her.