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My whole life, I’ve loved hearing and reading stories, and creating worlds of my own. As a child, I spent countless hours drawing crazy contraptions on paper, or building vast fortresses in a sand pile behind my garage. There was hardly a time I wasn’t off on some adventure in my mind, to the dismay of parents and teachers alike. So it’s no big surprise I took all that daydreaming, all that longing to really see the wonder of creation around me, and started pouring it into discovering hidden universes in my own mind.

For quite a few years I tried my hand at writing, mostly working on one, massive fantasy novel, but it wasn’t until I had kids and they became voracious readers that I found my passion. There’s no greater audience than a child. I’d rather have a simple review from a kid that says, “Awesome book!” than a five-star review in the New York Times. Of course, if anyone at the Times wants to try to prove me wrong, I’d be willing to let you.


Art and design have been passions of mine longer than I can remember. From doodling with friends on rainy days, to a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration, to twenty-five years in the industry, I’ve been involved in nearly every aspect of design, including game development, 3-D animation, print, and multimedia design. For the past sixteen years I’ve owned a website development company, and work with small and large organizations all over the country.

One dream I’ve had since high school was to design book covers, and I’ve been excited to see the boom in small presses like Evolved Publishing, and self-published authors, looking for high-quality professional covers that can stand spine-to-spine with anything New York is publishing. As of April 2014, I look forward to working on not only my own covers for EP, but on covers for some of EP’s other authors, too.

I live in Ohio with my wife and two kids. You can find samples of my work at

Covers by D. Robert Pease

TheAthiestAndTheParrotfish A Chink in The Armor Cleopatra Rising DownToDirt DreamWarriors_600x960 Eloah_NoHeaven Eloah_NoHell Eloah_NoReligion Eloah_TheDruids EnemiesOfTheState EnfoldMe girlenlightened KubricksGame Maddie and the Purrfect Crime Mike and the Dog Gone Labradoodle NZCataclysm_600x900 NZDeclaration_600x901 NZMammothTrouble_600x900 Noah Zarc Omnibus Noah Zarc Roswell Incident ThePetShopSociety1-3 thepossession ShadowSwarm Shroud of Eden TylerAndTheBlabberMouthBirds TheVanquishedOfEden_600x900



Audio_NoahZarcMammothTrouble_400x400 Audio_NoahZarcCataclysm_400x400 Audio Book - Noah Zarc - Declaration Audio_NoahZarcRoswellIncident_400x400 Audio_DreamWarriors_400x400

Up Next

Watch for Cleopatra Rising, the second book in the Joey Cola series of young adult fantasies, coming in 2017.

As food riots engulf the physical world, and a battle for power consumes the dream world, sixteen-year-old Joey Cola must come to grips with his place in both worlds. Can he help save a planet on the brink of starvation? Should he seize power for himself and fill the void left by the missing Pharaoh?

While on the run from assassins sent to kill him, Joey struggles to maintain his own identity and sort out his feelings for his best friend Alexandra and the exotic and mysterious Cleopatra. The princess may hold all the answers, but logic tells him she can’t be trusted. Unfortunately, for the first time in his life, logic isn’t in control.

As the grip of the dream world grows, and the physical world becomes indistinct, will he be dominated by his lust for more power? Or will the love of his friends and family finally show him what is real, and what is just a dream?