Bárbara de Oliveira

The youngest of four children, music, drawings, cartoons, paintings, games, and books were introduced to me through my brothers. As eclectic as they could be since my brothers had a very different taste and personality, it turned out to be a great experience, from such a young age, to travel between the worlds they liked the most and finally find the ones I did. Because of that, I can not remember a time in my life in which reading wasn’t a huge part of it.
Some of those magical, fictional worlds weren’t available to me in Portuguese, which sparked the interest in other languages, especially English. And although my passion for learning English came mainly from games, music, and books, the desire to experience other cultures outside of the screens and pages had grown.

I’ve been traveling around the world for a few years now, and although the experiences I am living are terrific, the ones coming from stories have never lost their value to me. They’ve turned out to be even more precious, as they are for so many other people. So here I am today, working with books, which I am completely passionate about, hoping to be able to allow fantastic stories to be read also in Portuguese.

Books Translated by Bárbara de Oliveira:

Covil Do Diabo
por Jeff Altabef

Montse Martí L.


Montse Martí L. (1995 – present) was born in Tarragona (Spain). Since the first Harry Potter book fell into her hands, she showed a devoted passion for books and writing. Also in love with animals and nature, she wanted to be a vet. She did a few turns in her life that led her to study Anatomy Pathology, Secretary Assistant, and Vet Assistant. She is currently dedicating herself full-time to writing and translating. Her main, and most recent, translations are: Tytiana, The Dragon Librarian, and D. Robert Pease’s Shadow Swarm [Evolved Publishing].

Books Translated by Montse Martí L.:

El Enjambre de las
Sombras (Español)
de D. Robert Pease

El Kraken de
Cape Madre (Español)
de J.P. Barnett

La Bestia de
Rose Valley (Español)
de J.P. Barnett

La Bruja de
Gray’s Point (Español)
de J.P. Barnett

Maria V. Wesley

It was during my junior year in high school that I decided I wanted to be a translator. When I conveyed this to my parents and school counselor, it wasn’t well received. “So you’re going to be in a booth at the UN?” No, I said translator, not interpreter. “Can you even make a living as a translator?” I understand that many people do. “Have you considered law school? How about psychology?” Yes, but no thanks. There was only one person, my English teacher, Mr. McPhillips, who said, “It’s a lonely profession, but I think you would be great at it.” Thank you, sir, for understanding me and seeing my potential. I was going to translate the next Great American Novel!

Life took me through a slightly different path, and I entered the field of medical and pharmaceutical translation (actually fascinating in its own right). Over the years, I copyedited some doctoral theses and a bilingual poetry book, translated a few articles from literary journals, and kept my hopes and dreams of translating a Nobel Prize-winning piece of literature. I’m still aiming high, but I also understand that there are thousands of authors out there who deserve to be acknowledged and explored by Spanish speakers who, without translations, would never be able to access their works. That will be my contribution to the world of literature.

Translated to Spanish by Maria V. Wesley:

Coming Soon: The Spanish version of The Atheist and the Parrotfish by Richard Barager. Stay tuned for details.

Mirna Pache


I´m from northwest of the state of São Paulo, in Brazil. I lived there until I turned nineteen, after finishing high school at the Instituto Americano de Lins. At that point I moved to São Paulo, the capital, and started working with different humanitarian projects as a volunteer with an international NGO.

I have worked and lived in several states in Brazil; I worked for many years in Rio de Janeiro translating texts and newsletters for the NGO I was working with. Then I moved to Lima, Peru for three years. Following my Peru years, I visited the United States for three months, and after that I lived in Porto (Portugal) for three years, as a manager in a pub.

From there I moved to Amman, Jordan, where I lived for four years (at that time I translated a magazine about the Jordan Holy sites for the Ministry of Tourism), then spent two years in Israel. Following Israel, I moved to Beirut, Lebanon, where I spent one year. Lastly, I visited Morocco and stayed there for a short time. I have had excellent tutors and coaches along my journey working in all these different countries.

In 2004 I returned to my homeland, Brazil, where I live at present. I´m an English Teacher (I use a methodology provided by Richmond from Oxford to teach my students, both British and American version) and I´m a Portuguese (Brazilian) translator. I have an International English Proficiency Certification from CLA. At present I study to take a bachelor degree at University Estácio Uniseb (Polo Ribeirão Prêto-São Paulo-Brazil). I have translated my first book from English to Portuguese (Brazilian) – a great opportunity given to me by Evolved Publishing!


Translated to Brazilian Portuguese by Mirna Pache:

The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky by David Litwack (Translated to Brazilian Portuguese)

Up Next

Watch for the first 3 books in the Bird Brain Books series of children’s picture books by Emlyn Chand (Translated to Brazilian Portuguese), coming very soon:
#1 – Honey the Hero
#2 – Davey the Detective
#3 – Poppy the Proud

Audrey Kowalevicz


I was born and raised in the Northeast of France, and moved to the beautiful region of Wallonia, Belgium, with my family when I was 15. When I started learning English at 11, I knew at once I wanted to become a translator. I studied Multicultural Translation in high school and college, learning several languages, such as Spanish, Polish, and German. I graduated in 2011 and started working as a freelancer for translation agencies mainly in Belgium. I also got the contract for translating a monthly fashion magazine from French into English.

While in college, I got the opportunity to study in Portmouth, England. I followed English studies for one year. That experience made me want to travel! Since then I have visited lots of countries within Europe – Spain and UK are my favorites. Next step: visit the USA, and experience its multicultural environment. It was during my last year of college that I translated my first book, a smart guide about ecology, or how to become an eco-shopper. I therefore realized I wanted to translate books, novels, and short stories… and Evolved Publishing gave me a chance.

What do I do when I don’t translate or travel? I read! I read all the time, in French, in English, in Spanish. I love the smell and texture of paper, and I have so many books that I don’t even have a place to store them anymore. I also spend a lot of time training and walking my four cocker spaniels.

If you want to get in touch with me, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact tab above. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Translated to French by Audrey Kowalevicz:

Pardonne-Moi, AlexSur la Piste du Sinatra

Up Next

Coming Soon: White Chalk by Pavarti K. Tyler, in French.