The youngest of four children, music, drawings, cartoons, paintings, games, and books were introduced to me through my brothers. As eclectic as they could be since my brothers had a very different taste and personality, it turned out to be a great experience, from such a young age, to travel between the worlds they liked the most and finally find the ones I did. Because of that, I can not remember a time in my life in which reading wasn’t a huge part of it.
Some of those magical, fictional worlds weren’t available to me in Portuguese, which sparked the interest in other languages, especially English. And although my passion for learning English came mainly from games, music, and books, the desire to experience other cultures outside of the screens and pages had grown.

I’ve been traveling around the world for a few years now, and although the experiences I am living are terrific, the ones coming from stories have never lost their value to me. They’ve turned out to be even more precious, as they are for so many other people. So here I am today, working with books, which I am completely passionate about, hoping to be able to allow fantastic stories to be read also in Portuguese.

Books Translated by Bárbara de Oliveira:

Covil Do Diabo
por Jeff Altabef