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I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, land of beautiful beaches, sugar cane and coffee, rum and baseball—all of which I love. My lifetime relationship with books began at around age 4 (True! I did already know how to read by then!), and with other languages at around the age of 6, when I started learning English.

I have a degree in Clinical Psychology from the DR, and have worked not only in the clinical setting, but also in academia (as administrator and professor), basketball (yes, I proudly worked beside my father for the Dominican Federation of Basketball), professional organizing, restaurant owner/manager… and did I mention I’m certified in Applied Feng Shui? My most important role, however, has been “Mom.” That, as I’m sure all mothers know, covers every other possible occupation and job left besides the above.

For the past 11 years, I’ve worked in the translation and localization industry, coordinating multi-language projects for pharmaceutical/life sciences companies. My division is in charge of translating and culturally adapting patient questionnaires for use in clinical trials, via a rigorous process called Linguistic Validation. This role gives me much exposure to international business, and to extremely enriching and culturally diverse relationships around the world.

I came to the U.S. in 1997, to South Florida, moved to North Central Connecticut in 2001, and am finally back by the ocean since 2010, when we moved to beautiful Cape Cod, Mass. We live within walking distance of a gorgeous marina, and spend our days cooking, eating, and watching our New England teams—this household is all about food, the Red Sox, the Pats, Celtics, and books. Well, and of course, ice-cold Harpoon or Sierra Nevada to go with the food.

It’s a thrill to be part of Evolved Publishing’s journey to other cultures and countries, and I hope to help bring all these amazing authors’ voices to readers around the world, in their own language! What can be cooler than that?

I would love to hear from readers around the world, so do hook up with me through my various social media links, which you can find on the “Contact” tab above.

Books Translated

Translated to Spanish by Ana Popielnicki:

Benito Celebra la Noche de BrujasParadojaPerdóname, AlexValentina y la Mansión Encantada

Up Next

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