We recently published our 5th crime novel by Glenn A. Bruce, with VERSIONS OF THE TRUTH, and we think it’s time you got to know this prolific author.

Author Glenn A. Bruce, MFA, is an award-winning writer-director who began his career in Hollywood, where he wrote the hit movie Kickboxer as well as episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger, Baywatch, plus many more. He’s had over fifty short stories and essays published internationally, and has completed more than 40 novels, many of which are now available, and some of which are coming soon. Glenn taught screenwriting at Appalachian State University for over a dozen years, and recently returned to his home state to once again be a Florida Man.

Glenn’s crime novels are certainly gritty, not for kids, with plenty of action, adult themes and language, and a fair amount of ooh-la-la! If that’s the stuff of rip-roaring fun for you, then you just have to read Glenn’s books.

Here’s a little tease for each of Glenn’s crime novels with us, but you can click on any title to learn more, and to find easy purchase links not just for the eBooks, but also for paperbacks and audiobooks, if one of those is your preference.



When criminal elements collide, the rules of the jungle will prevail, and those unprepared will pay the highest price.


This white-knuckle chase crosses three decades and as many continents, a wild ride rife with countless twists and surprises at every turn, all wrapped up in the sexy world of fast cars, smart women, and high-stakes capers.


Detective Mark Young is caustic, dark, and funny… when he’s in a good mood. If not, he’s downright dangerous—especially to himself.


He thought he was free to leave his old life behind, but The Man receives a clear message that his old “friends” have found him and will do anything to get revenge—even kidnap his daughter or murder his wife.


The sex is as hot as the tropics, the body count as high as the temperature, and the intrigue as thick as a red tide. No one is safe—especially from themselves.