John Cardinal enjoys drawing with his kids, reading comics, and living near the ocean. He has a BFA from Montserrat in Illustration, and has worked professionally as an illustrator and graphic designer for the past 12 years. His work runs the gamut, from newspaper and magazine illustration, to logo and product design. His style is crafted from chaotic line and impulse. He draws with the zeal of a child. To him, “Realism” is boring — he wants to make something new.


Illustrated by John Cardinal:

IRBRMB_300dpi_2x2p9_Comp Gould_TTT_300dpi_200x286

Artistic Coordination by John Cardinal:

Emlyn_and_the_Gremlin_300dpi_200x300 EATG_MeanOldCat_300dpi_200x286