This Foreign Universe

Set in the near and distant future, “This Foreign Universe” is an epic metaphysical & visionary sci-fi adventure series of truly human struggles set against strange and beautiful landscapes. From Earth to distant planets to higher planes of existence, “This Foreign Universe” will take you to places familiar and haunting, old and refreshingly new, where new worlds may be humanity’s best chance for survival… or maybe not.

The series plan calls for a total of 9 books, 3 arcs at 3 books each.

1: FOREIGN LAND – Smith, his soul shattered after suffering a crushing personal loss, is left to fight for the survival of his son and the new colony on a planet that’s far more dangerous than anyone expected.

2: FOREIGN PLANET – After sending Aleron’s monster back to the fourth dimension, the survivors find unexpected friends and a terrifying threat.

3: FOREIGN HOME – Can the human survivors learn to work with the two other species to create a home of peace and understanding?

4: ALMOST PATHLESS – A twisting journey through the fourth dimension leads Tashon through perils and wonders to a place he never thought he’d see again.

5: ALMOST HOMELESS – Five years before all plant life on Earth was destroyed, Dr. Dradin Walcott worked to provide himself glory and immortality—at the expense of all helping him—yet he unwittingly brought about tragedy after tragedy, impacting the future of every living creature on Earth.