The Panhelion Chronicles

An adventure across space and time!

This action-packed hard science fiction series is, sadly, complete at 2 books due to the passing of author Marlin Desault, but you will enjoy satisfying endings for both books.

1: SHROUD OF EDEN – While on maneuvers as part of the Panhelion Defense Command fleet near the moons of Jove, Scott Drumond, captain of the Strike Cruiser Targelion, finds his promising career unexpectedly blighted by events that nearly destroy his starship and dramatically change his fortunes.

2: THE VANQUISHED OF EDEN – The Khepri aliens are once again swarming out of the Coma Berenices Star Cluster to threaten the Panhelion. Yet when Panhelion scientists crack the secret of the Khepri language and discover the true nature of the aliens, Scott learns that an even more startling and dangerous peril menaces the future of mankind.