The Balderdash Saga

Not all fairytales are about beautiful princesses and dashing princes. Some are about the corpses living below our very feet….

This series of lower grade fairytales is always fun, with a slightly dark edge – spooky in a FUN way for readers 6 and older. It includes some great illustrations, and is complete at 3 books and a short story set.

1: THE UNDERGROUND PRINCESS – Princess Scarlet is on a journey to find true love, but a malevolent force, Maleer, is in the process of dethroning her father, King Hurlock.

2: THE PRINCE’S PLIGHT – After defeating Maleer, the people of Balderdash work to expand their kingdom by exploring the vast caverns in search of more graveyards.

3: THE SHAMAN’S SALVATION – The very existence of Balderdash is hanging by a thread. The kingdom is under attack by vicious creatures called Mana Beasts, and someone is after the shaman.

4: THE BALDERDASH SAGA – SPECIAL EDITION – This contains 4 short stories featuring beloved Balderdash characters, and includes 12 exclusive color illustrations.