The Underground Princess

The Underground Princess

Not all fairytales are about beautiful princesses and dashing princes. Some are about the corpses living below our very feet....

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  • FINALIST: Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2015 - Children: Fable
  • AWARDED: Awesome Indies-Approved

Princess Scarlet is on a journey to find true love, but a malevolent force, Maleer, is in the process of dethroning her father, King Hurlock. Maleer intends to rule the underground kingdom of Balderdash, build an army, and break through the ground to invade the land of the living.

As Scarlet runs out of options to save those that matter most, she is forced to make decisions that will determine the fate of her entire kingdom.

From Mother Daughter Book Reviews:The Underground Princess is a fabulous and unique book that completely took me by surprise. It features exceptional writing, relatable characters, and a very clever plot with underlying messages about loyalty, courage, beauty, and love. I highly recommend this book to children ages 6 to 12 as a great read-aloud book or for those interested in reading something with a touch of macabre. This one is definitely a candidate for a Hidden Gem Award by MDBR in the future!”

Reviewer Tyler Quevedo says of ‘The Balderdash Saga’ series: “I originally read the story on my own first, not sure how dark the subject matter would be for young children with a story about an undead princess, but quickly my mind was put to ease as the story progressed. It covers all sorts of great topics that I value in a good story for children (and adults): Morality, Integrity, Loyalty, adventure, a small dash of romance, and most of all imagination. The vocabulary wasn’t too difficult for the kids, and yet there were still occasional words along the way that needed explanation, further broadening their horizons as future book connoisseurs. ...If you’re looking for a short read with great life lessons and core values for a budding adult, I’d recommend this book!”

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(by Artist Luke Spooner):

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Readers’ Favorite Book Awards:
Finalist 2015 – Children – Fables



Awesome Indies-Approved –
Children’s Fiction




NOTE (11 September 2023): The original 1st Edition is now out of print, but a new 2nd Edition will be coming soon. Please stay tuned to this page for details.



J.W. Zulauf – Author
Luke Spooner – Cover Artist and Illustrator
Deb Hartwell – Co-Editor
Stevie Mikayne – Co-Editor
Lane Diamond – Senior Editor
Peter Reynolds – Audiobook Narrator/Producer

Series: The Balderdash Saga, Book 1
Genres: 3.99 eBooks, Lower Grade Chapter Book
Tags: Audiobook, eBook, Paperback
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
Format: Paperback, eBook, Audiobook
Length: 19,730 Words, 14 Illustrations (Color in eBook, B&W in Paperback)
Narrator: Peter Reynolds
Illustrator: Luke Spooner
ISBN: 9781622533312
List Price: New Second Edition Paperback Coming Soon
eBook Price: $3.99
Audiobook Price: $6.95 (May Be Discounted by Retailers)
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