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Jeff Altabef

Dystopian, Epic Fantasy, Supernatural Thrillers, Young Adult Fantasy Thrillers

Jeff Altabef lives in New York with his wife, two daughters, and Charlie the dog. He spends time volunteering at the Writing Center in the local community college. After years of being accused of “telling stories,” he thought he would make it official. He writes in both the thriller and young adult genres. As an avid Knicks fan, he is prone to long periods of melancholy during hoops season.

Jeff has a column on The Examiner focused on writing and a blog on The Patch designed to encourage writing for those that like telling stories.

Jeff’s Co-Author on the CHOSEN Series, Erynn Altabef (Daughter)

Erynn Altabef is an avid reader, dancer, and community activist. When she’s not in High School, she loves Starbucks, performing in school musicals, baking, and watching movies with her friends.

Some of her favorite authors are Veronica Roth, Joelle Charbonneau, and her dad! (That would be Jeff Altabef.) She has co-authored with her dad the Chosen series of young adult fantasy thrillers.

Featured Books by
Jeff Altabef


Religious Thriller /
Supernatural Thriller

A Nephilim Thriller –
Book 1

Steven Cabbott is a former spy with a dark past. He’s trying to change, but some habits stick hard. Real hard. For Steven, killing is one of those habits.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award – Best Thriller
Readers’ Favorite Book
Award – Bronze Medal:
Fiction – Supernatural
Next Generation Indie
Book Award – Paranormal

Pick of the Month: Diane Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, September 2018

5 STARS (x3): Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, August 2018


Crime Thriller

A Point Thriller –
Book 1

An untrained spy and a rebel faction. A mysterious scarlet-haired jazz singer. Dangerous secrets guarded by a devious killer. What could possibly go wrong? Only everything.

US Review of Books gives it 5 STARS: “Mixing science fiction, action, and suspense, this story imagines a future that isn’t quite dystopian. The disparity between the haves and the have-nots, and the prevalence of popular reality television shows makes the setting more like a logical progression of the modern day. … Imaginative and gripping, this book tells a story that blends the familiar and the fantastical.”

Midwest Book Reviews says: “Fracture Point’s exquisitely drawn characters keep readers involved and immersed in the plot, even though there are a lot of them – and a lot of special interests involved. Under another hand the story line could have become confusing; but Altabef takes the time needed to create characters who are believable and whose motivations and actions are compelling against the backdrop of a bigger story, and this approach drives a thriller that proves hard to put down.”


Epic Dystopian

Red Death –
Book 1

Forced to flee Eden, the only home they’ve ever known, Aaliss and her brother Wilky plunge into the land of the Soulless, where everything is as they feared—only different.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award – Best Science
Fiction (Dystopian)
Readers’ Favorite Book
Awards – YA Fantasy
Eric Hoffer Book Awards
2017 – Young Adult

US Review of Books (RECOMMENDED) says: “Where dystopian novels are a dime a dozen, Altabef creates an epic tale that stands out.”

Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS) says: “The characters are well-developed, and the plot is fast-paced and riveting, with surprises stacked at every corner. Readers will love the fact that the story starts with intense action and the intensity only gets stronger as the plot moves on. Jeff Altabef creates a fantasy adventure that weaves together powerful themes like death and faith, love and devotion, and, of course, betrayal. This book will take you into lands you’d want to visit. A work of great imagination.”


Young Adult
Fantasy Thriller

Chosen –
Book 1

My name is Juliet Wildfire Stone, and I’m in big, life-and-death-sized trouble. It turns out there’s a big difference between being mostly human and being entirely human.

2015 Readers’ Favorite
Gold Medal – YA
Mom’s Choice Awards –
Silver Medal:
Young Adult Books
Beverly Hills Books
Awards – 2015: Best
Young Adult Fiction
Awesome Indies –
Seal of Approval:
“A treat to read.”

“This is an enjoyable read for all ages that goes by as fast as the authors can unspool it.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“This very unique and refreshingly original contemporary fantasy has elements of high epic fantasy woven throughout it, and it will surprise and delight even the most jaded fantasy readers.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Jack Magnus (5 STARS)

Wind Catcher stands out from the crowd.  It’s… a powerful young adult adventure steeped in Native American legend and tradition.” ~ Midwest Book Review, D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer


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