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E. A. Coe

Literary Suspense, Women’s Fiction,
Crime Fiction, Travel Fiction

E. A. Coe… is F. Coe Sherrard, a former United States Naval aviator and career business executive. A graduate of Western Maryland College (now called McDaniel College), Coe is the award-winning author of five novels, as of April 2024, with more planned soon. Married to Jean since 1971, Coe has three children and six grandchildren, and lives in Edinburg, Virginia.

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Literary Suspense /
Women’s Fiction /
Crime FIction

It will be the adventure of a lifetime for Carrie Brinkley… if she makes it to the end alive.

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When Carrie loses her job and boyfriend during the opening weeks of the pandemic, she’s determined to reset her life in a positive direction. The answer? A solo, two-month, cross-country bicycle trip from Virginia Beach to Mendocino, California.

Yet dangers lurk that she’d never anticipated. During Carrie’s idyllic journey across the continent, her greatest danger comes not from her encounters with angry animals, road hazards, or the elements. Something much worse stalks her—something much too human.


A Butnari and Hill FBI Thriller

Crime Thriller /
FBI Suspense

Two forces collide, an FBI top-secret task force and an international criminal organization, but only one will Survive the Day.

FBI Special Agents Butnari and Hill join a task force charged with stemming human trafficking. They engage in a desperate battle with the criminals dominating the illegal trade, stalled by deceptions created by the mysterious genius who directs the well-organized syndicate, and hampered by compartmentalized intelligence within their enforcement group.

Not all is as it seems—on their side of the law… or the other. Random events and unrelated clues connect, leading to an inevitable showdown.

Coming 15 April 2024. Watch for Pre-Order soon.


Literary Fiction /

During a magical evening made possible by a high school reunion, Tyrell Harrell and Siena Tyson discover that romance can endure a decade-long dormancy.

Can their rekindled relationship now survive the challenges of military combat and small-town politics? Ty’s job as a United States Marine Corps pilot takes him to faraway and dangerous places; Siena owns a small bookkeeping practice in the same town the couple grew up in, and her history there makes life complicated.

They don’t give in and never give up, but will that be enough? Life’s path is unpredictable, and success is never a certainty. While they courageously push forward addressing the calamities in their way, Ty and Siena get help from heroes who come from unsuspected places.

In a contemporary love story uniquely suited for our difficult times, readers relate to compelling characters, virtuous and wicked, and celebrate with the author time-honored values of loyalty, respect, love, and commitment.

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January 2023: E. A. Coe, having previously published 3 books, signs on with Evolved Publishing for his next 3 (or more) books.

April 2023: PEDALING WEST releases to extraordinary critical acclaim.

As of March 2024: PEDLAING WEST has gone on to win the following awards:

  • GOLD MEDAL: Readers’ Favorite Book Awards – 2023 – Fiction – Crime
  • OVERALL WINNER: Firebird Book Awards – Fiction
  • WINNER: Literary Titan Book Awards – Gold Medal
  • WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Winter 2023 – Best Adventure Fiction
  • WINNER: Reader’s House (London) – Editor’s Choice 2024 – Award for Literary Excellence

April 2024: The much-anticipated SURVIVE THE DAY releases. We expect great things of this one too.

More coming soon….

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