Julia Camp


APRIL 30, 2019: We welcome our newest author to the Evolved Publishing Team.
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I’m currently (as of 30 April 2019) a law student at the University of Texas in Austin. Prior to law school, I taught creative writing at John Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth program, and worked as an editor for 1966: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction. I’m a graduate of Trinity University, where I majored in English and minored in creative writing. I’ve always had a passion for writing literary fiction, and after continuously reading and rereading my two favorite novels, The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien and The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers, I decided to write my own story about a soldier’s return home from Afghanistan.

My novel Indivisible is about the way that time itself both heals and scars us, how time pushes us to points where we must choose between breaking or making peace with senselessness and tragedy. It’s a novel about strength and, at times, the absence of it.



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Watch for Indivisible, a literary novel, to release on 7 October 2019.

Charlie returns home from Afghanistan to discover that his battles are just beginning.

Ever since the death of his best friend, Charlie can hardly look in the mirror. He feels alienated from himself, and suddenly, things that used to feel simple seem unexplainably complicated. The weight of his past presses heavily on his soul. He wonders if everything that he did—letting his best friend enlist, deciding to enlist with him, being unable to talk about the war after they got home—all somehow led to his best friend’s suicide.

While trying to handle his own sense of guilt, he knows that he can’t freeze, that the people around him still need him to try to move on. His longtime girlfriend, Sarah, wants to know if they’re going to make it, if they’ll be okay despite the fact that he can hardly kiss her anymore. His family wants to know if he’s going to college now that he’s home from Afghanistan. His boss at the auto shop wants to know why he misses so many days of work.

Charlie keeps one foot in the past and one in the present, and feels himself getting stretched thinner and thinner. The weight on him only piles up, and whatever clarity he has about his life seems only to get more and more foggy. Why did his best friend, who once seemed so happy, decide to die? Charlie tries to solve the puzzle like a mystery, piecing together parts of his friend’s past, seeking a simple answer that’ll make everything seem rational. Then, maybe he’ll be okay. Then, maybe he’ll be able to move on. Maybe.

Cindy Fan

8 January 2019: The Evolved Publishing Team welcomes its newest artist and illustrator.
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I’m a Canadian artist who graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design with a Bachelors in Illustration, and I’ve since worked freelance.

I specialize in bringing stories to life with thoughtful, painterly visuals. My work combines analog textures with digital painting to create stylized imagery that is whimsical and immersive. I love solving visual challenges and exploring new ideas.

When I’m not drawing, I spend my time hiking and writing poetry.

Book Covers by Cindy Fan

Kabir Shah

22 May 2018: The Evolved Publishing Team welcomes its newest artist and illustrator.
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I am particularly fascinated by the relationship between art and human perception. Studying art is like engaging in an interrogation with nature, constantly trying to figure out if our assumptions about the world are in any way accurate. Even if such an aspiration may never be fulfilled, there is an excitement in embarking on the venture of unravelling the opacity of the universe.

I believe writers and artists share this desire intimately. I enjoy working with authors on their book covers since it gives me an opportunity to understand the myriad ways in which the authors express the world they have imagined, or interpret the world around them. I love art and I love words, and I find it satisfying to develop a book cover that resonates with the writer. In addition to art, literature is one of my passions, and I am an aspiring writer myself.

I initially chose to study Computer Science, but the lure of creative pursuits proved too strong to resist. I experimented with animation as a means of expressing the stories I wanted to tell, but ultimately I found illustration to have the strongest appeal for me, and I decided to explore it in a self-taught manner. For the past few years I have been working as a self-employed illustrator based in the UK, designing book covers as well as environments for comics.

Please feel free to reach out to me through any of the links in the contact section. I’m always up for any discussions about books, art or philosophy.

Book Covers by Kabir Shah

Briana Hertzog

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Briana Hertzog graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Communication Arts. Since graduation, she has worked as a freelance illustrator and fine artist. She draws most of her inspiration from the natural world around her but loves the freedom she has as an artist and storyteller to mold it and manipulate it into any direction she pleases.

She has a strong love for problem solving and views each image she creates as a visual metaphor for depicting its accompanying text in the best way possible. She sees each illustration as a personal challenge and a means of improvement, learning and growth.

Book Covers by Briana Hertzog:


Richard Tran


I’ve adventured in foreign worlds my whole life, and I’ve even put some down on paper. I enjoy adding color to projects, making a place pop off the paper and inks. I’m interested in how visual design and illustration collides to create objects that define and live inside themselves. I’ve fallen in love with maps and decorative work, and it’s easy to draw from my background as a concept artist for game studios to create exciting renderings.

I spend much of my free time playing tabletop RPGs and spinning living narratives. In between games, I’m researching history and culture and creating game props and images for the games I run and play in.


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