Twin Helix

Twin Helix

Jeremy and Lillian are twins, Mezna/Human hybrids born on the wrong side of the sector border. They have passed for human and hidden their identities their entire lives, but when Lillian develops a mysterious ailment, how can Jeremy get her help without exposing who they really are?

Fifty years ago the Mezna arrived with a promise to save humanity from itself. Now Earth has divided into three factions: those who welcome the Mezna, live in Mezna-built terraformed cities, and raise children with alien DNA included with their human genome; those who rebuke all alien interference and live in Human Only sectors; and those who fall between the two, fighting for survival on a planet no longer suited for their way of life.

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About the Book

This short story, a companion to the “Jakkattu” series of cyberpunk science fiction adventures, is perfect for readers aged 13 to 113. The covers for the full series are below — just click on one to go to its page.


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P.K. Tyler – Author
Philip A. Lee – Editor
Holly Heisey – Cover Artist

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Series: Jakkattu, Book 0.2
Genres: 99-Cent eBook Shorts, Science Fiction, Short Story
Tag: eBook
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Format: eBook Only
Length: 8,000 Words (Short Story)
ISBN: 9781622532728
List Price: $0.99 eBook Only