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P.K. Tyler

Fantasy & Science Fiction,
Dystopian, Speculative Fiction

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: In order to keep her various sub-brands (genres) separate, P.K. also writes as the individual listed below.
Children’s Books: Kara S Tyler

P.K. Tyler is the bestselling author of speculative fiction and other genre-bending novels. She is an artist, wife, mother and number cruncher. She graduated Smith College in 1999 with a degree in Theatre.

After graduation, she moved to New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off Broadway. When not writing Speculative Fiction she twists her mind by writing horror and literary fiction.

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P.K. Tyler


Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Young Adult

The land-dwelling Erdlanders don’t know about her.
The amphibious Sualwets reject and resent her.

Serafay is anomaly, an unwanted outcast from both worlds. Fearing the people who tortured and experimented on her mother’s waterborne race, Sera remains hidden and isolated, feeling like she doesn’t belong. When she meets a stranger, Tor, another misfit like herself, Sera realizes that she’s not alone, finally discovering a sense of home. With the war between the Erdlanders and Sualwets escalating, will Sera and Tor ever be safe from the dangers surrounding them?


Dystopian / Science Fiction

Jakkattu – Book 1.1

They came as saviors to a deteriorating Earth.

The Jakkattu Vector is the first book in a saga that ultimately becomes a metaphor of humanity itself as it struggles to find its role in a world where humans are defective, aliens are taken into slavery, and priests engage in cruel genetic experiments. With Jakkattu, Ms. Tyler has created a new genre where she takes old traditions and myths and projects them onto a future, that, despite its high technology, it’s still polluted by slavery, prejudice, and exploitation. Her strong world building is made even more extraordinary by the exquisite detail and attention in creating new people and cultures.” ~ Midwest Book Review

“This wonderful epic book really deserves to be a bestseller, and I really hope that a lot of teens read it. I am in my thirties and I am very picky about sci-fi books, mainly gravitating to the classics like Asimov, Heinlein, and Phillip K. Dick. The Jakkattu Vector has a lot of depth, so it may become a new classic. There are themes of identity, linguistics, prejudice, slavery, global warming, and stagnating culture. I recommend it for all sci-fi fans. Also, the characters are each unique and memorable.” ~ Diana in SC


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