A Chink in the Armor

A Chink in the Armor

Blessed by the gods, Job has never lost a battle. He has triumphed over every challenge from man and nature. Arrogant? Yes, but he’s invincible. Or is he?

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EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a 5,000-word fantasy short story from the multiple award-winning author of Shadow Swarm, the "Noah Zarc" series, the "Joey Cola" series, and the "Exodus Chronicles" series.


The book of Job is one of my favorites in the Bible. The idea that a man could go through such misery, the loss of his family, boils all over his body, friends who berate him, and still not lose his faith just amazes me.

I found myself imagining what happened in Job’s youth to create the man we see in the Bible. At one point God challenges Job and describes an awesome creature that could only be described as a dragon.

Thus the genesis of this story. I hope you like it.

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D. Robert Pease – Author & Cover Artist
Lane Diamond – Editor & Interior Designer

Genres: 99-Cent eBook Shorts, Fantasy > Religious, FREE eBOOK, Religious, Short Story
Tags: eBook, On Sale
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Format: eBook
Length: 5,033 Words (Short Story)
ASIN: B00ZJ5X454
ISBN: 9781622534173
List Price: $0.99 eBook Only (or FREE)
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