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I live on beautiful Lake Chelan in Washington State. I began my career as a librarian, then became a corporate writer and web manager for a regional medical center. I managed communications, news, and social media for a large school district before becoming a novelist. I’ve won literary awards for both fiction and nonfiction, and am a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.


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Watch for Teri’s second novel, the literary/women’s fiction, CLOVIS DIG, to release in the spring of 2020.

Amidst the beauty of the Wenatchee Valley at the feet of the Cascade Mountains, orchardist Claire Courtney struggles to make a living from her apple orchard. It’s the late eighties, and an environmental health scare over a chemical used in apple production has dropped the bottom out of the market.

When strange and ancient artifacts are discovered beneath her orchard, Claire wonders whether the ensuing architectural dig will bring her the funds she so desperately needs, or force her to lose the home and livelihood that has been in her family for generations. An antagonistic relationship between the archaeologists on the dig—Joe Running from the west, and Spencer Grant from the east—threaten the entire project.

When a shocking discovery is found among the primeval relics, an investigation of a different kind begins, as Claire tries desperately to salvage what’s left of the orchard and her life.