NOVEMBER 16, 2018: We welcome our newest author to the Evolved Publishing Team.
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I was born in quite possibly the greatest sports city in the country: Boston, Massachusetts. Thanks to my uncle, I became fascinated with superheroes and villains at a young age. I spent the majority of my youth reading comic books and watching superhero cartoons like “Batman: The Animated Series.”

As I grew up, I never lost my love for superheroes, but did lose my love for snow. After graduating from college, I decided to leave the cold weather and move down to southwest Florida. Now I spend most of my free time traveling with my fiancé and complaining about the Florida heat.

I never gave too much thought to writing, as I was not an avid book reader – more of a “wait until the movie comes out” type. However, I got the idea to create my own superhero universe, sat down, and started writing. After about a year, I’d been able to blend biblical, ancient, and modern history into a captivating superhero universe. Now I’m ready to share it with the rest of world.




COMING FALL 2020: Blood or Loyalty (The Wayward Sons of
the Empyrean – Book 1):

Good or evil was never the choice.

Gabriel reminisces about his genesis while standing side-by-side with his big brother, Lucifer, and the other 13 archangels, as their Father creates the universe around them. They explore the seven distinct levels of Heaven and encounter the extraordinary, yet sometimes dangerous, beast that resides within them. They learn about their unique abilities, which they use to build structures or in friendly sport against each other. They honor their Father, and life is perfect… in the beginning.

When their Father mentions a four-letter name, Gabriel sees the hatred and jealousy build within Lucifer. Soon, angels face a difficult choice, one that will split Heaven in two.

Lucifer and 5 of the most gifted archangels convince nearly a third of all angels to follow his wayward path. Heaven becomes Hell as war erupts, blackening the skies and turning the rain red. What they lack in number, the wayward legion makes up in resolve—a resolve that angels who remain loyal to their Father cannot muster until suffering multiple defeats. The war exacts a heavy toll on those who stay loyal, but not as heavy as that of the final task their Father places upon them once the war is over.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS an epic religious fantasy, the first of the 6-book series, “The Wayward Sons of the Empyrean.” Discover biblical characters as you have never seen them before, as they engage in a war for the ages. [DRM-Free]