Uncommon Bonds

In this series of supernatural thrillers, our reluctant heroes Eric Schneider and Lotte Schwarz encounter mythological creatures from another time and realm.

The current series plan calls for 6 books.

1: PLAYING WITH FIRE – An ancient entity, trapped and suffering; a girl who inexplicably hears cries of anguish in her dreams…. What’s their connection?

2: HAMMER TO FALL – A grainy photograph and a cry for help begin a new descent into terror for long-separated friends Lotte Schwarz and Eric Schneider.

3: FROM THE BEGINNING – A devastating flood and a chance encounter trigger a rapid-fire series of events that again pit Lotte Schwarz and Eric Schneider against challenges both mortal and supernatural.

4: DAY OF JUDGMENT – Be careful what you wish for, as notorious success may lead to unintended scrutiny and even more otherworldly dangers.