Red Death

The city of Eden stands as humanity’s last hope, for danger lurks outside its sturdy walls, in the land of the Soulless. There, a deadly plague called the Red Death reigns over the world, ensuring that no one lives past their early twenties.

This young adult epic fantasy series is complete at 3 books.

1: RED DEATH – Forced to flee Eden, the only home they’ve ever known, Aaliss and her brother Wilky plunge into the land of the Soulless, where everything is as they feared—only different.

2: THE GHOST KING – An Ancient Prophecy foretold: an Evil haunts the land, and a battle looms against overwhelming odds.

3: THE IMMORTALS – Most believe the Immortals are a myth, a folk story meant to frighten children, but Wilky and Aaliss discover the truth is even more frightening than the myths.