A funny, fast-moving, action-packed series of young adult coming-of-age mystery/thrillers that take place in the near future.

The “NorthWatch” series takes place in Liberty, N.Y., Washinton D.C., Maine, and Boston from October 31, 2036, to July 4, 2037. Fourteen-year-old Cassandra Watson, her family, and a cadre of friends travel through life discoveries, challenges, and lethal threats at WatTechPrep, the White House, Bangor Maine, Mount Hope Cemetery, and NorthWatch, a Maine island owned by the Watsons.

1: CASS AND WAT – Cass discovers an intricate pattern of betrayal as she protects her family and her father’s presidential campaign.

2: CASS AND LOGAN – Cass is counting down to her father’s inauguration when she realizes that Mac Beverly may be alive. Her 2036 kidnapping now seems a lovely vacation.

3: CASS AND NAT – After basking momentarily in her father’s inauguration and midnight marriage, Cass must race to Boston Children’s Hospital to save Little Mac. She’s beginning to suspect that she can no longer feast without at least two disasters for dessert. When Little Mac’s wheelchair explodes, she’s certain.

4: CASS AND KEITH – Nearly 15-year-old Cass senses that more violence will come, and she wants no part of it. She abandons her presidential aspirations in favor of becoming the next Stephen King—higher bar but nobler pursuit.