Journey of Cornelia Rose

Take a journey back in time to the 1800s, from New York society and the West Point Military Academy, to the Old West pioneering spirit, as one woman seeks fulfillment in her life.

The current plan for this historical women’s fiction series calls for a total of 5 books.

1: FLIRTATION ON THE HUDSON – Cornelia Rose, determined to make her own way, shuns the limited vocations available to proper women in New York in the 1850s.

2: WALK AWAY WEST – Cornelia Rose eschews the glories of New York City and the wonders of the 1850s modern technology, and heads out to unknown territory in the Wild West.

3: PIONEER PASSAGE – Life on the Oregon Trail is full of more deprivations and difficulties than Cornelia Rose ever imagined, in spite of her research and preparations for the rough road ahead.