Laugh out loud with this fun, satirical, humorous look at the holidays and the people who try to make the most of them.

The series plan currently calls for a total of 9 books.

1: HALLOWEEN FROM THE OTHER SIDE – Delphyne Shadow is Solomon’s ex-girlfriend from hell—literally. At Halloween, she returns for his soul.

2: THE CHRISTMAS DONUT REVOLUTION – All Huck wants for Christmas is a revolution… and donuts. Vive la Revolution!

3: UPSIDE-DOWN INDEPENDENCE DAY – Neighboring small towns, Coon Creek and Golden Springs, Ohio, enter their own little war, and may never be the same after the coming Fourth of July celebration.

4: MURDER BY VALENTINE CANDY – Oh, the irony! Billionaire ladies’ man Adam Erb is murdered by lethal valentine candy.

5. THANKSGIVING, THANKSGOTTEN, THANKSGONE – When the doors to the North Columbus Wow-Mart open at midnight on Black Friday, ringing in the “Wowzathon” event of the century, chaos breaks out.

6: NEW YEAR’S EVE 1999 – Will New Year’s Eve 1999 ring in a new millennium? Or will it be the end of the world as we know it?

7: MOTHER-FRACKING EARTH DAY – When the Earth Day parade’s grand marshal is kidnapped, whiz sociologist Huck Carp teams with a hermit calling himself Johnny Appleseed to solve the case.