Enigma of Twilight Falls

Twilight Falls is just your standard northern California town, right? It’s not a playground for anything dark and unfathomable, right? This chilling series full of dark, terrifying, unimaginable events will rise up to haunt your dreams.

The series is complete at 3 books.

1: THE GREEN-EYED MONSTER – A sinister presence lurks—an authorial entity with roots beyond our time or dimension, an entity with far-reaching designs.

2: NEGATIVE SPACE – When someone recognizes a face in one of his paintings, Max Higgins is suddenly thrust into a journey as surreal as anything from his brush, a journey into his past that will irrevocably determine his future.

3: WAKING GODS – Adrian Foster reunites with eccentric detective Derek Adams in probing the occult lore surrounding the town—the town in which Adrian was born and raised, the town in which he left behind many a ghost, the town whose dark central spirit will force him on a harrowing journey through the rugged bottomlands of another’s psyche… as well as his own.