Duncan Cochrane

In the Windy City, politics is a blood sport! Murder, mystery, and intrigue from the seedy underbelly of Chicago politics, in the series detailing Duncan Cochrane’s rise to prominence and the personal cost of his public ambitions.

This series is complete at 4 books, though a 5th book is not out of the question if the series takes off in a big way.

1: THEY TELL ME YOU ARE WICKED – Duncan Cochrane wanted to be governor… until the murder of his daughter.

3: THEY TELL ME YOU ARE CROOKED – Governor Duncan Cochrane must hunt down a sniper and a blackmailer.

3: THEY TELL ME YOU ARE BRUTAL – Lies convict, but the truth condemns.

4: THEY TELL ME YOU ARE CUNNING – Can one man undo a terrible criminal injustice?