A Nephilim Thriller

What angels call the “Great Struggle” is coming—a war between angels and demons for humanity’s future. Whether consciously or not, everyone will choose a side. Steven Cabbott has already chosen his—angels over demons—a surprisingly difficult choice under the circumstances.

This religious fantasy/supernatural thriller series is planned for 5 books… at least.

1: DEVIL’S DEN – Steven Cabbott is a former spy with a dark past. He’s trying to change, but some habits stick hard. Real hard. For Steven, killing is one of those habits.

2: DEVIL’S DANCE – Following an amazing new technology engineered to make people smarter, a series of gruesome murders occurs, and a mystery develops that’s so dark, it threatens everyone.

3: DEVIL’S DEAL – It turns out that hell and Lucifer aren’t what Steven Cabbott imagined. That’s a good thing, although he’s still forced to make a deal with the Devil, one that might trigger the Apocalypse.

4: DEVIL’S DAY – Steven Cabbott is running out of time to prevent the End of Days.

5: [Coming Soon]