About the Narrator:


Rebecca Ehrenpreis

…Bringing Authors’ Work Alive with a Vocal Performance for Your Listening Pleasure…

Rebecca began her journey as a desk assistant at WCBS Newsradio 88 in New York. From there, she was discovered and served as the voice for Lifefone and other ads that ran during the CBS news breaks. Afterward, she moved to London and worked as a voiceover actress for many television and radio spots, documentaries, infomercials, promos, and more.

Now, Rebecca is a full-time vibrant and versatile Audiobook Narrator. With her distinctive voice and multitude of character voices, she brings stories to life. She has a professional home studio and produces high quality audiobooks.

Rebecca is very happy about joining the Evolved Publishing team and looks forward to producing and narrating great audiobooks!

Audiobooks Performed
by Rebecca Ehrenpreis


Horror / Paranormal /
Suspense Thriller

A Dark Night Thriller –
Book 1

When a family tragedy rips a young woman from her quiet existence, only two things give Delia any solace: steely determination, and the butcher’s son. Well, that and the ominous whispers that warned her of impending danger throughout her childhood.

Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews says, “Author Jason LaVelle’s distinct ability to meld fiction with truth is the definition of Stephen King’s quote: ‘Fiction is a lie. GREAT fiction is the truth within the lie.’ The story is maximum entertainment, a real page-turner, but it is also an eye-opening exposition of how love, persecution for sexual preferences, psychological abuse, desperation, war, murder and the spiritual unknown affect lives.”

“If you love biopic type stories that drag you into the life of a character and becomes a highly addictive ride you can’t put down, this story is perfect. Dealing with sensitive issues in the timeline from love, murder, persecution for sexual preferences, and the role of woman in society during world war events. This is one story that will suck you in and keep you wondering what is going to happen next.” ~ Voracious Reviews


Horror / Paranormal /
Suspense Thriller

A Dark Night Thriller –
Book 2

Something dark and dangerous resides in Karen’s new home, and it wants her gone.

“I was pretty blown away by this story. It was full of twists and turns that I never saw coming. Plus, it had a steamy, romantic side infused into the pages which made me cheer the main couple on. Karen and Joel seemed like the average couple who fell in love because they lived in the same area around a Lake in Michigan. In the dead of winter, these two’s passion becomes entangled with something insidious lurking in Joel’s house. Karen tries to uncover the mystery, and ends up neck deep in a mystery that spans lifetimes where a cold blooded killer with brilliant green eyes become set on her demise. Scary, right?” ~ Voracious Reviews


Horror / Paranormal /
Suspense Thriller

A Dark Night Thriller –
Book 3

Emma Gilbert never imagined she’d have to battle an ancient evil, one whose powers and rage have been building for centuries.

Rabid Reader says, “Once again Jason LaVelle has written an intricate, creepy and yet thought provoking story that keeps you on the edge of your seat… The storyline captures your imagination and sends shivers down your spine….”

Jane Straugh says, “The minute I started reading this I was hooked and could not stop reading it. There was excitement from start to finish, lots of twists and turns….”