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Parris Sheets

Young Adult Fantasy

Parris lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband and two golden retrievers. She discovered her love for reading when a middle school reading assignment led her to the fantasy section of the library. This passion sparked stories of her own imagination, yet she never put pen to paper until after college. When she’s not consumed in her writing, she enjoys Olympic weightlifting, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and coaching color guard.

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Parris Sheets


Young Adult Fantasy

Essence of Ohr –
Book 1

As a dark flame consumes the world, a larger threat looms over the refugees of Solpate.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Winter 2020 –
Best YA Fantasy

Readers’ Favorite
Book Awards 2020 –
Bronze Medal –
YA Fiction-Epic Fantasy

“The world-building is intricate, strange but compelling, drawing fantasy elements into its own cohesive and engaging lore… The moving trees, or the ramblers, and the gods of the realm known as the Souls add a mythical and fantastical charm to the story. …full of dark thrills, adrenaline-pumping moments, and heavy emotions… With twists, loss, revenge, and a quest for peace and freedom, Warden’s Reign hits all the right notes not just for YA readers but older fantasy fans as well.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Lit Amri (5 STARS)


Young Adult Fantasy

Essence of Ohr –
Book 2

With the people cursed by a god—forever doomed—Kole enters their stronghold to seek the heart of the volcano.

Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Summer 2021 –
Best YA Fantasy

Feathered Quill says: “Captivating is an understatement. This series has rightfully carved its niche beside some of the most popular YA’s written. I see an “Ohr” theme park in our future. Bravo!”

Children of the Volcano is filled with mystery and a beguilingly rich magic system, a dark allure that keeps the narrative tense, and a masterly example of the elements of epic fantasy.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Jose Cornelio (5 STARS)


Young Adult Fantasy

Essence of Ohr –
Book 3

When old scars open—wounds that never truly healed—can Kole find the courage to stand against the deepest fear he’s ever known?

Feathered Quill
Book Awards – 2023 –
Pinnacle Book Achievement
Award, Fall 2022 –
Best Fantasy

Feathered Quill says: “This book is absolutely mesmerizing and just goes to show that, even when the author has already written two books in a series, the next book can truly be even better. All I can say is I can’t wait to see book 4 and, if we are all very lucky, a motion picture that may be the beginning of the best movie series ever!”

“One of the best young adult epic fantasy series of the decade…” ~ Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite Books Reviews (5 STARS)


Young Adult Fantasy

Essence of Ohr –
Book 4

The world’s future lies within Kole, but what will salvation cost him?

War has begun. Only the united front of six gods can fell Aterus’ corruption. Yet the only one who can bring the gods together and save Ohr is missing.

When Kole leaves his world behind in search of a hidden god who can save Ohr, he faces floating islands, crumbling lands, and distorted gravity. With the portal home set to reopen in mere hours, Kole must navigate this strange landscape, release the god, and find his way back before the war is lost.

After dark secrets of his past come to light—what he truly is and will become—will Kole want to return? Or will he leave Ohr to its fate?

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August 2019: Signs with Evolved Publishing to publish her Young Adult Fantasy series, “Essence of Ohr.”

March 2020: WARDEN’S REIGN, the first installment of the “Essence of Ohr” series, releases and goes on to win two awards and outstanding critical reviews.

April 2021: CHILDREN OF THE VOLCANO, the second installment of the “Essence of Ohr” series, debuts with three awards and enthusiastic reviews.

May 2022: The much-anticipated third installment, BEYOND THE FLAME, releases and claims three more awards for the “Essence of Ohr” fantasy series. Critics at Readers’ Favorite deem the novel 5 Stars all around.

November 2022: Parris attends the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards in Miami, Florida, where she is awarded a Bronze Medal in the Young Adult Fantasy category for WARDEN’S REIGN.

October 2023: Evolved Publishing releases THE HOLLOW KEY, the fourth and final installment in the “Essence of Ohr” series.

December 9-10, 2023: WARDEN’S REIGN is the #1 Amazon Bestseller in the YA Sword & Sorcery category. Congratulations to the entire team, and thank you to our loyal readers!

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