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Marlin Desault

Science Fiction

In his early years, Marlin devoured science fiction and fantasy. Later, his tastes moved to classic adventure stories written by Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Jack London.

At Georgetown University, he studied German and German literature. That led to an assignment in the Air Force intelligence services in Europe. With those experiences behind him, he returned to the US and the University of Wyoming. His undergraduate and graduate Engineering studies were heavy in advanced physics and mathematics. Upon graduating, he taught German and Electrical Engineering at the US Air Force Academy.

He mustered out of the Air Force to start a career in high tech start-up companies. Ultimately, he retired and began a third career as a writer. He lived his last years in Southern California, where he spent his time writing when not indulging his passions for sailing, skiing, and reading.

Sadly, Marlin passed away on April 26, 2018. Although he didn’t complete his vision of the full “Panhelion Chronicles” series, we think the first two books offer an entertaining sojourn into the final frontier.

Featured Books by
Marlin Desault


Science Fiction

Panhelion Chronicles – Book 1

An adventure across space and time!

Former Amazon #1 Bestseller in 3 Countries!

“The writing style is crisp, the book is well edited and contains a healthy splash of hard science mixed in with a nice story line (new discoveries, alien aggressors, a military in need of leadership and a bad guy you’ll love to hate)… This offering does not disappoint.” ~ LawBoss


Science Fiction

Panhelion Chronicles – Book 2

A continuing adventure across space and time!

“This book is a page turner. Each chapter had me wondering what would happen next and how the main character would get out of his predicament. The battle scenes had me rooting for the good guys. The hero meets a strange alien species and finds a way to communicate with him. I recommend this book. A great follow on to the first book.” ~ Easy Reader