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Maria Giakoumatos

Horror Fiction,
Dark Paranormal Fantasy

Maria Giakoumatos has been interested in all things spooky since she was too small to ride the fun roller coasters in amusement parks. She probably would have become a paranormal investigator if she wasn’t afraid of the dark, so she settled for just writing about spirits. Her family often took her to church as a child, so that may explain some things.

When she isn’t writing her wacky stories, Maria spends her free time playing piano, video games, and exploring haunted locations. She currently lives in Renton, Washington, with her partner and little parrot Rowley.

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Maria Giakoumatos


Horror / Dark Paranormal Fantasy

The Infernal Symphony –
Book 1

To protect his new friend, Anthony joins Eden to fight against Lucifer’s Disciples’ bloodthirsty demons and save Emily’s soul—but can he save her from the demons of her dark past?

Over one hundred years after Emily Mavro’s gruesome death, her corpse remains youthful and intact, resting in the abandoned Mavro Manor. On the night of the full moon, she rises from her slumber at midnight in search of a soul to replace the one stolen from her.

When Anthony’s friends drag him along on their adventure to explore Mavro Manor, for a night of spooky fun, things take an unexpected turn when he finds Emily awake in her room.

Eden, an eccentric group of demon-fighting paranormal investigators, takes the case—but so does Lucifer’s Disciples, the cult of dark mages holding Emily’s soul captive for their mysterious schemes.


Horror / Dark Paranormal Fantasy

The Infernal Symphony –
Book 2

Come find me on the other side….

Sixteen-year-old Luke Reed’s father disappeared three days ago when his paranormal investigation crew was last seen searching for a portal to another spiritual realm in an abandoned church.

When Luke and his friends search for the portal, they discover Lunaris, a realm much like our own but with a dark twist—it’s ruled by a cunning devil, King Lysander. Lost in this strange world, Luke turns to the king to help him find his father. The cost? Luke must first return Lysander’s brother, Zalem Mavro, back to the palace.

Yet nothing is as it seems, and Luke, trapped in a whirlwind of Satanic rituals and political uprising, is torn between saving his father and protecting Zalem from Lysander’s demonic wrath…. But can he protect his soul from the mysterious entity haunting his nightmares?


Horror / Dark Paranormal Fantasy

The Infernal Symphony –
Book 3

This darkness will never leave you….

Four months have passed since Emily joined forces with Eden, but their lives have never been in greater danger, as Lucifer’s Disciples continues their hunt for the Mavro siblings, now backed by their strongest, most vicious demons yet.

Emily wishes for nothing more than a normal life away from her brother Zalem, but teaming up with a coven of young witches may be her only chance at peace. First, to finally be free from the madness that follows in her brother’s wake, she must recruit help from those closest to him.

Scheduled for release in Fall 2024.


Horror / Dark Paranormal Fantasy

The Infernal Symphony –
Book 4

More details coming soon….

Scheduled for release in Spring 2025.

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December 2023: Maria Giakoumatos contracts with Evolved Publishing for the “Infernal Symphony” series of horror/dark paranormal fantasy novels.

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